Our automatic call distribution contact routing technology allows us to deliver voice, chat, email and voicemail to our powerful network of agents.

Our ACD, in combination with our custom call management software, is the solution that receives, processes and delivers all mediums of communication .

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"As we have grown, XACT has scaled their operations to support our expansion, and we owe part of our growth to their excellent reporting and quick response to issues."

Dexter Henry, Directo, Inc.



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Skills based routing gives us the ability to create assignable skillsets to agents, further allowing us to:
  • Route lines of business to trained customers;
  • Prioritize particular segments of your business;
  • Allow a graduated training of our agents;
  • Escalate particular calls to seasoned agents
  • Automatic Call Distribution Technology


    Call Recordings. All call transactions between your customers and our agents are recorded using a certified digital call recording system. Those calls are then converted and stored on our call servicing platform in MP3 format. Customers may log in using FTP or HTTPS and listen to call recordings as they happen. Those call recordings can then be stored, archived to a storage device or transferred to a customer’s FTP system after a particular time period.

    Live Monitoring. Using our Supervisory tool, you can see and hear what is going on with callers in real time. For more information, see the ACD/Reporting section of this RFP.

    Skills Based Routing. Essentially, each line of business offered by the City routes into our system into individual skillsets. Those skillsets allow us to dynamically assign calls to agents with the correct skillset based on their training.

    Web Based Reporting. All contact and agent metrics are available over the internet using a secured login and password.

    Web Based Configuration. All configuration changes can be made through our web-based routing configuration tool.


    Click-to-Call™. From anywhere on your website, you can add a click-to-call feature. The caller can enter their phone numbers and choose to receive a callback now or sometime in the future, at no cost to them. It can be setup by department, by location or by agent segment.

    Web Live Agent. We can integrate live chat directly into your website so prospects can have their questions answered in real time by the call center staff. We’ll know exactly what page they’re on, what section they’re referencing and can ask them for important information before starting the conversation so as to customize the experience for them.

    Caller Survey. At the end of a call, we can offer the caller the option of participating in a survey to ask them how the call center or the city has satisfied their needs. This survey can be optional and only asked of particular callers, particular segments of City business or at random. The survey responses can be placed in your call reporting database for analysis and include all of the call statistics and the survey responses.

    IVR with Voice Recognition. In addition to our powerful, extensive standard IVR package, XACT also has the ability to provide IVR service with voice recognition features.


    o Your Caller ID. Should we need to return a call, or perhaps call a customer back, it can be customized to display the telephone number on the recipient’s caller ID to match that of the city. This caller ID can be further customized by department or segment.

    o Customer Information Pass-Through. Any information obtained throughout the transaction of the IVR call can be presented to the agent. We can also integrate with other IVR systems or applications to automatically pass information back and forth between the two systems, reducing call time and maximizing agent efficiency.

    o Database Integration. Our IVR and ACD system can integrate with your database through live SQL sessions, Web Services or through HTTPS.

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