The best solution begins at the core. We designed our core network and systems to be able to sustain and offer scalability and growth.

We know the best way to build something strong is to start at the foundation. We built our core technologies on a foundation of stability.

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"XACT continues to exceed our customer service needs on an ongoing basis."

Luis Pedraza, HighBeam Research



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The Virtual Service Model (VSM) is a cloud based network of services and solutions designed to:
  • Reduce single points of failure;
  • Offered continued service in the event of an outage;
  • Never be reliant upon a single technology;
  • Always be on-demand and ready.

    XACT’s technology and infrastructure equipment is located in multiple cities throughout the United States to minimize downtime and maximize reliability.

    To ensure that service is not affected during a catastrophe, infrastructure sites act as immediate “hot” failovers to one another should a failure in any particular segment occur.

    Hardened. Each facility has a government grade rating or higher for protection against the elements, including environmental variables or acts of terrorism.

    Heavily secured. All facilities require biometric hand and finger print authentication and keycard access. Each site is monitored 24x7 by active closed circuit recording.

    Multiple points of connectivity to multiple carriers. Should a particular provider failure in delivering service, each of our facilities have multiple providers connect points and traffic is immediate rerouted.

    Cisco Systems Powered Network. Our network is designed for maximum uptime and reliability in conjunction with Cisco Systems.

    Redundant UPS configuration. To protect against power surges or temporary outages, each NOC location has redundant UPS configurations to keep all power generation constant with an N+1 redundant configuration.

    Standby Ready Power Generation. Should a local facilities failure occur, each site has a generator capable of carrying 100% of peak load with enough fuel on site for immediate refueling.

    Air Conditioning and Cooling. Our high volume air conditioning systems keep our locations at 68 degrees continuously with 48% relative humidity to keep all systems operational in peak environmental conditions.

    Fire Suppression. Fire protection is monitored by a VESDA air sampling system to ensure accurate fire reporting and suppression. A zoned dry pipe pre-action system compliments the front line detection VESDA system.

    Advanced Environment Monitoring. All HVAC, power, fire and security systems are actively monitored by a critical systems monitoring technology to ensure all systems are operating at specifications.

    Staffed 24x7. Each service center has staff members on duty watching all facility and service systems to ensure 100% reliability and uptime.


    XACT uses many carriers to provide telecommunications and network connectivity to ensure optimal uptime, superb routing and speedy response times.


    Our infrastructure was built to specifically protect the routing of calls throughout our network of agents. We do not rely on one centralized facility to contain our data or equipment. In that design, we will never be hindered by environmental, economical or social conditions of a particular region or specified location.

    For example:

    • During the hurricane seasons of 2004, our ACD and routing equipment had no downtime in during or after Hurricane Frances or Jeanne.

    • In 2007, we also experienced no downtime or service interruptions during Hurricane Katrina.

    • No natural disaster or act of terrorism has ever caused a failure in our ability to service our customers. We believe that we offer the best technological and operational experience for our customers for reliability and stability. Should an unfortunate event, such as a hurricane or other natural disaster hinder the ability for you to service your customers, our call center can continue to service your needs while you focus on what is important to your citizens.

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