Job Description

An Outbound Sales Professional is responsible for making lead driven calls in a fast faced outbound environment delivered by a predictive dialer. Business to business calls. Sales experience preferred and recommended.


- Must speak fluent English.
- Be able to type 35 words per minute or greater;
- Have a high speed DSL or cable connection, rated 2 MB down, 384k up (minimum), 5 MB down and 512k up (preferred)
- A dedicated home office space, which is free from distraction, and with a door that can be closed.
- A personal computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista with 512 MB of RAM and 2.0 GHZ processor (minimum), 1GB of RAM and Dual Core Processor (recommended).
- A 17" CRT monitor (minimum) or 15" flat panel monitor (minimum), 17" or greater flat panel recommended.
- Wired networking connection (wireless is not permitted).
- Laptops may be used but ONLY with an external keyboard, mouse and monitor (if display is less than 17")
- Hired agents will be responsible for purchasing a brand recommended USB headset (a list is available from recruitment), approximate price is $40.
- Must be able to sit for extended periods of time in a chair.

Pay Grade

This position starts at $8.00 USD per hour. Maximum pay for this position grade is $13.00 USD. Bonus and sales performance incentives available for those who qualify.


Untitled Document - This position is only open to applicants residing in the following states: AL, AR, FL, GA, MD, ME, NV, NC, TN, TX. Those not residing in those states may apply but will only be contacted when the position is open to that particular state/province. Employment not available in AL, CA, IN, ND, NY, OH, PR, WA, WV, WY.

You may for this position.

DeptID:Outbound Mgr:MKramer

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