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XACT prides itself on the relationships it builds with our customers. Our customers are so satisfied with the service they receive, they wanted to tell you about it.

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What can we do to make us a seamless, integrated part of your business?

We do whatever is necessary to ensure we're a transparent part of your business or organization -- through customized integration, specialized call handling and a powerful voice processing platform -- we have what it takes to make it happen!


Its great to know how we're doing, and our customers wanted to highlight their experiences for you -- so you get a comfort that XACT can deliver the service it promises.

  • Louise Kelley, ASHP (Director of Operations)

    "From the start, XACT TeleSolutions has treated our organization with partnership care and attention; enabling us to engineer a fully customized customer support and order entry help desk for our members. Our XACT team members function as if they were part of the ashp staff and they adhere to our strictest customer service standards. We trust them to act in the best interest of the overall organization and of our members. They live up to our trust do not let us down. We recommend XACT to organizations of all sizes. We're very proud of the campaign we've built with XACT and the team of agents we have. ASHP and XACT enjoy an ongoing and lasting partnership."

  • Annette Jeffes, Excelsior College (AVP, Enrollment Mgmt)

    "Excelsior College has used XACT Telesolutions for approximately 2 years to supplement our call center capabilities. We are very pleased with the service that XACT provides for us and find the XACT staff and leadership to be very attentive and responsive to our needs."

  • Samar Kawar, GoldMail (VP, Operations)

    "Outsourcing GoldMail support services to XACT has been a great experience. Our account supervisors at XACT have been extremely responsive to our requests and flexible when needed. They have amazing training programs for their support agents which made it easy for us to hand over our customers to them. They have provided us with a high level of support which we pride ourselves on having at GoldMail."

  • Dexter Henry, Directo (VP)

    "As we have grown, XACT has scaled their operations to support our expansion, and we owe part of our growth to their excellent reporting and quick response to issues. We consider XACT to be one of our most valuable partners."

  • Luis Pedraza, HighBeam Research (Customer Service Manager)

    "XACT continues to exceed our customer service needs on an ongoing basis. I can truly say they have partnered with us in servicing our customers."

  • Matt Grossman, Dorm Room Movers (President/COO)

    "As we grew our business from a grass roots initiative to that of national scale, we required a contact center solution that could adapt and grow along with us. XACT not only provided excellence in service at a fair rate, they facilitated outside the box solutions with value added insight to developing our core service model and best practices. From our Account Manager, to the Trainers, to VP of Technology, and even our Director of Business Development, our company’s needs were met with lightning speed and the highest level of attention, no matter how large or small the request. After a highly successful first year outsourcing our inbound support line with XACT, we are now looking forward and integrating new and exciting solutions like live chat and email support, to provide our customers with the best solutions on the market. Thanks for everything XACT!"

  • Andrew Greenfield, BioIQ (Project Manager)

    "As a growing company, we sought to work with a partner that could adapt and scale as our products evolve. The flexibility of the XACT managers and agents enable us to effectively and efficiently provide 24/7 support for all of our users. XACT’s valuable ability to quickly respond to our business needs has made partnering with the XACT team ideal. "

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