Our sophisticated web chat system allows your customers to request assistance or for you to offer proactive assistance online 24x7.

The hottest medium on the Internet is web chat for customers. Available customer service through chat offers customers many opportunities to ask questions, receive assistance or provide valuable insight.

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" XACT’s valuable ability to quickly respond to our business needs has made partnering with the XACT team ideal. "

Andrew Greenfield, BioIQ

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Proactive Chat: Reaching Out to Your Customers

Our premier product, Proactive Chat, allows us to integrate metrics and tracking into your website to offer chat to customers based on customized rulesets that you configure..

Reactive Chat: Clicking to Chat

The most common method for chat integration is click-to-chat, allowing customers to specify when they need assistance.

  • CUSTOMER SUPPORTOffering elite service to your customers via your website is a new popular trend. XACT allows you to integrate the quality customer service of our agents with the medium of chat. We can integrate web chat with your existing phone or email support, or utilize it as a separate service. Utilizing FAQ knowledgebases, auto responders and a customized look and feel to really make the integration seamless for your customers. Our call answering service makes customer service easier, so that you can focus on other important aspects of your company or university.
    Our chat service system allows us to integrate with popular CRMs, FAQ knowledgebases and all standard software technologies offered by XACT.
    All colors, text, agent pictures, and graphics can be customized on a client by client basis. We can also offer a compact or standard display, set to run horizontally (600x160), vertically (500x320), or even in a HTML frame (variable).

    HTML Chat Client
    We provide you with an HTML version of its chat client to ensure operability on all computers, without anything to download or install.

    Lead Customer Form
    We can capture lead information (first name, last name, phone number, email, etc.) before the customer is connected to the service agent. This allows us to personalize the experience beforehand and also capture valuable information for the sales or service process.

    Advanced Customer Form
    The advanced version of our lead customer form allows us to receive information passed to us from your system, such as a members-only section, forum, case management tool or otherwise, without having the customer fill out a form again.

    Proactive Chat Rules
    Using Proactive Chat Rules and Integration, we can utilize our technology to automatically identify visitors with the greatest potential to buy, based on which pages they have visited, how long they remained on a page, where they came from, which keyword they used to find you, which items they have in their shopping cart, and whether they have previously purchased from you, as an example. Visitors receive customized chat invitations based on rules that can be adjusted easily in real-time -- without changing code on your website!. Our agents are automatically connected to these customers to offer assistance, incentives, and suggest related items to up-sell.

    Intelligent Click to Chat
    The Intelligent click-to-chat option allows the icons placed on your site for click-to-chat to dynamically adjust based on the availability of agents or your business hours.

    After-Hours Message
    The interface can also be configured to offer an after-hours (closed) message when agents are not available or we are outside of your normal service hours.

    Print Transcript
    Your customer can print a record of the transcript at any time.

    Email Transcript
    At the end of the chat session, your customer has the option to have the transcript emailed to him/her.

    Exit Survey
    How did we do? Anything we can improve? A customizable survey can be presented to your customers after chatting with our agents to offer insight to the level of service provided, or any other measurable conditions.

    International Characters
    Your customers can type characters from any Unicode supported language.

    Your Place in Line
    During the chat experience, we can let them know their place in line or estimated wait times.

    Secure Connection
    128-bit SSL encryption secures all communication between the chat client and the system. All SSL connections are decrypted by hardware for the best possible performance.
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