Chat and Web Support

Supporting your online presence is important, and XACT can help through using online and multimedia channel solutions.

When your customers are online and need assistance, its paramount that your customer support solution offer easy, innovative and flexible ways of supporting your product, service or solution.

You want to be able to offer assistance at the click of the mouse or a tap of the screen, and our technology, as well as our expertise, can integrate that seamlessly into your application, website or communication solution.

Through frequently asked questions, sophisticated branching and search technologies, XACT becomes an important part of the fact-finding process, assisting in questions that commonly plague your valuable callers.

Interactive internet driven customer service and help modules can be integrated into your existing website or application with ease. This allows the flow of communication along different mediums, allowing opportunities for assistance to be a tap away.

Web Chat

Our chat technology, integrated directly with our skills-based routing omnichannel environment, directs your requests to agents efficiently and effectively. We will design the look and feel of the chat interface to match the colors and tone of your site or application.

Once that is complete, you can paste the widget code directly into your web code and active it easily.

If you prefer to integrate your application the way you want it to, you can also use our powerful API set to redirect requests to our platform just the way you want.


Easily the fastest growing method of communication today is a simple text message, more commonly referred to as SMS.

We can provision a short code (6 digits or less) or use your existing support number and enable SMS, instantly allowing your number to be both phone and SMS enabled. Offering text or call, your customer has both flexibility and choice.


Workforce Types

  • Shared Agents

  • Hybrid

  • Dedicated Agent

  • Your Team + XACT

Building the Future of Your Support – Together

A Plan of Action and Change

A six step implementation process that focuses on learning about you through learning, development, training and careful roll out.

Targeted Training

We will develop content, ciriculum and an quality training program on your product, service or brand.

Quality Assurance

Once on board, we’ll continue to strive for excellence while maintaining program quality and integrity.

Workforce Scheduling

Our workforce team ensures that agents are scheduled properly and resource is available when you need it most.

Resource Management

We have a team of specialists constantly watching contacts in our system, making sure that we never miss a thing.

Account Management

You’ll always have a point of contact to reach out to discuss issues and provide feedback.

Our time-tested and proven solution for support will offer you the ability to know that your product, brand, image or organization will be in the best of hands. 

Let us help you..

Hey, its what we do! Enable the talented team at XACT to help conceptualize, optimize and build your support program. Reach out to us today and let us get started.

In the meantime, learn how XACT has helped hundreds of organizations like yours meet the objectives necessary to provide excellent service; or if you’re ready to elevate your customer support to the next level, speak with an XACT advisor who can begin the process with you.

Ready to learn more about how XACT can help your organization with Chat and Web Support?