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Quality assurance provides peace of mind

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25441214_MWhen you partner with an outsourcing company, you want to ensure you’re getting quality. You want to know that your customers’ needs are being met. We understand. That’s why at XACT, we make quality assurance a priority.

Quality assurance is the process of observing an agent’s call and analyzing the quality of it with respect to your requirements and expectations. We utilize monitoring tools to ensure we’re providing effective and efficient approaches to improve the services we provide our clients.

This attention to detail allows account managers to easily identify problems with their teams. Quality assurance allows you to maintain quality standards, ensure your adherence to compliance (PCI, HIPAA), and improve the customer experience.

There are several tools we use at XACT to achieve quality.

  • Call Recordings: Recording calls is helpful for checking quality. It’s also beneficial for training purposes. We use these recordings to show our team members what to do or not to do in a situation. Listening to these recordings ensures we identify problem areas in case an issue arises from the caller or agent’s perspective. It’s helpful to have documentation that shows what each person in the conversation said.
  • Live Monitoring: During live monitoring, management listens to an agent on the phone. It’s a one-way listening session. Throughout the day, our supervisors pick agents at random to see how they’re performing on calls.
  • Whispering/Coaching: Coaching ensures our team members are meeting their customers’ needs in real-time. A supervisor acts as an advisor without the caller knowing the coach is on the line. Coaching isn’t a common practice at XACT, but it can be very helpful during training or if an agent needs guidance.
  • Call Barging: Call barging is when a supervisor takes control of a call directly. At XACT, we only use call barging as an escalation procedure.

It’s incredibly important to us that our agents represent your company well. That’s why we take quality assurance so seriously. In the onboarding process, we’ll work to establish a quality management program, ensuring the optimal success of your campaign. We invite you to learn more by connecting with us at XACT. We look forward to hearing from you!