Quality Assurance

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is the process of observing an agent’s call and analyzing the quality of the call with respect to your requirement and expectations. Quality monitoring is one of the tools we use to ensure we’re providing effective and efficient approaches to continually improve the services we provide to our clients. With effective call center quality monitoring call center, account managers can easily spot and discover problems within their teams by proactively monitoring the interactions between the agents and your callers.

Why is it important?

Designing a quality call quality program for our clients is a critical path to success. It helps us ensure that we:

  • Maintain Quality Standards

  • Adhering to Compliance (PCI, HIPAA)

  • Improve the Customer Experience (CX)

How do we do it?

We work with our clients individually to design a quality program that wraps around the process and procedure that we engage with our agents.  We use a combination of tools to achieve this, such as:

  • Call Recordings – Conversations are recorded and used for quality and training purposes, using real life examples of what to “do”or “not do” in different situations. Agents and supervisors can use them to learn best practices. This helps XACT be compliant to processes and helps them identify the problem areas in case an issue arises from the caller or agents perspective. Call recordings prove to be very helpful in these situations as all the calls are documented with customer and agent information and what each person has said.

  • Live Monitoring – Listening to agents who are on call, without disturbing them in a one-way listening session. This tool allows XACT to quietly listen to conversations. Supervisors can pick agents at random, and see how they are performing on calls and whether all issues are being resolved or process and procedure is being adhered to.

  • Whispering/Coaching – A supervisor acts as an advisor and silent spectator without the caller knowing the coach is on the line. Although not a common practice at XACT, it can be helpful during training and in case an agent needs guidance or advice.

  • Call Barging –  Typically only used as an escalation procedure, a supervisor can take control of the call directly, handle the situation and resolve the callers issue.

As part of your onboarding process with us, we’ll work to establish a quality management program that will ensure the optimal success of your campaign with us. Together, we’ll use it to refine, enhance and provide a platform for continued agent feedback and improvement.