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Call Center Services for Holiday Themed Photography Company

“They are incredibly fluid and able to act on the fly.”

XACT provides flexible call reception services for a holiday event company. Their work includes adjusting staff to respond to dramatic call influxes and establishing a body of knowledge around types of calls.

The new call handling methods and personnel have dramatically improved the client’s ability to troubleshoot and solve problems as they arise throughout the season. The XACT team is organized and creative, developing a database for different issues and staying flexible when workloads changed.

24/7 Call Center Services for Dental Business

“XACT scientifically determined how many agents were needed for each hour of the day.”

XACT provided call center services to a DSO. Approximately 24 agents were assigned to the project. The team offered reporting services and created a dental practice information directory for the agents.

XACT leveraged a comprehensive training process to deliver excellent abandon rates, conversion rates, and QA scores. Dedicated and proactive, the team was quick to address issues and provide relevant documentation. Their transparent, collaborative approach set them apart from other providers.

Call Center Support for Publishing Company

“XACT makes their customers feel supported.”

XACT provides call center support services for a publishing company. The team answers questions about orders and products. They were provided initial training.

XACT delivers high-quality services that streamline internal processes and have had a positive impact. Their flexibility supplemented their professional management style. They’re open to feedback and scope changes. Expect an adaptable team of listeners.

Centralized Answering Services for Medical Equipment Rental Company

“The level of service they provide per call is excellent.”

XACT provides a centralized 24/7 answering service for each of a company’s branches nationwide. They helped create scripts with customized questions and provide text and email follow-up documentation.

Applying XACT’s comprehensive answering service across disparate business units offers a uniform solution. They provide thorough documentation and follow-up to ensure drivers receive all salient information from customer calls. Customer relations have notably improved with their support.

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