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We take the time to get to know you and your business, so we can provide a streamlined, integrated solution that never feels like its outsourced!

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Because your image is on the line.™

XACT provides you with contact solutions tailored for you and your customers. We provide both traditional and innovative contact solutions to help you achieve success.We're here for you 24x7.


Welcome to XACT Telesolutions – a premiere provider of call center services and integrated telecommunications for businesses nationwide. With state-of-the-art call processing technology and a hardworking staff of domestically-based call representatives, we are committed to giving our clients affordable and effective solutions to their inbound call monitoring troubles. The team within our inbound call center and other service areas are proficient at providing customers with personalized insight and direction. Whether you're a company that regularly sees high volumes of calls or a business entering a seasonal period where calls triple or quadruple in average occurrence, we are here to help you.

XACT Telesolutions is able to consistently deliver significant improvements in customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency due to the many tools we have at our disposal. Our extensive list of call center services includes inbound and outbound call handling, web chat, email management, other online outsourcing tasks, as well as traditional "brick and mortar" phone management. Our belief is that our clients should never have to worry about being unable to handle important calls. As such, we have set up our inbound call center to streamline the process by which incoming calls are answered, managed, and ultimately resolved.

We also don't feel that virtual call centers should be regulated simply to sales and technical help. XACT Telesolutions instead believes in thinking outside of the box and works tirelessly to find new ways to apply our tools and teams for more than just simple customer support. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare fully-customized call center services for organizations, start-up businesses, and large-scale corporations that not only handle calls but also free up resources and important assets.

By building our own operations to accommodate the needs and demands of our clients, we have been able to stay ahead of the competition and effectively cement our place as a leading call answering service for businesses across the country. Our regular customers have come to depend on us for solutions that yield numerous benefits. For streamlined call center service that ultimately reduces your operational costs while improving the quality of your business interactions, look no further than XACT Telesolutions.

For more information about us, please take a look at our About Us page. We are excited to start working with you towards a more profitable operation with a virtual call center.

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