The foundation of XACT’s approach to quality assurance is a series of proactive measures designed to prevent problems via systematic oversight and feedback, incentives that reinforce desired standards, and comprehensive communication channels.

An approach to quality is an every day standard for our agents. We have a specialized team of individuals dedicated to ensuring that quality never goes overlooked.

What makes XACT so different from the other guys?

  • A dedicated Customer Account Manager
  • Customized, state of the art tools to service you and your customers
  • 24x7 Technical Assistance
  • Professional, focused team oriented to service

Knowing a team of professionals is standing by your side helps your business operate more efficiently. We're here to show you that the difference is in the people and in the culture.

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"As we grew our business from a grass roots initiative to that of national scale, we required a contact center solution that could adapt and grow along with us."

Matt Grossman, Dorm Room Movers



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XACT records all inbound voice calls processed by our agents; and add value for our customers by:
  • Allowing customers to access them through a web browser;
  • Recording all calls in a standard format: MP3;
  • Recording both the caller and agent;
  • Depositing those calls recordings in real time!

    Both during the training process and throughout an agent’s career at XACT, onsite monitoring by supervisory staff plays an instrumental role in oversight, feedback, and ongoing improvement. We monitor and evaluate each agent during the training process and 10 times monthly thereafter. This process is particularly effective since the professional performing the monitoring can both see the agent’s screen and hear the agent’s conversation undetected at any time, providing additional incentive to agents to perform at their best on any call. Reinforcement is immediate, as the results of each call monitored are discussed immediately with the agent, and monitoring bonuses, when merited, are awarded in the corresponding pay-period.


    XACT could also make offsite monitoring available to you if desired. XACT’s ability to support remote positions could enable you to monitor XACT service in real-time, access account information, and generate reports on demand, all from your location. While it may be an XACT call center, it's your business that we're handling and you deserve to have complete control over that. We know our customers value transparency, so that's what we give them.


    To complement the onsite monitoring described above, XACT employs outside contractors to place calls to our agents as if they were actual callers to our clients. These “Mystery Callers” complete and evaluate 50 to 100 calls per month, and send the results directly to each Account Manager. XACT will generate a monthly summary of mystery call results and can share source data forms at any time upon request.

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