The XACT Resource Management team is the eye-in-the-sky in making sure inbound call center traffic moves smoothly throughout the system and that agents remained focused and productive. One of the top priorities of RM is ensuring the all callers receive a timely answer.

Agents manage your call traffic, but who effectively manages your call routing? Resource Management ensures timely, accurate oversight of the resources that deliver your calls.

What makes XACT so different from the other guys?

  • A dedicated Customer Account Manager
  • Customized, state of the art tools to service you and your customers
  • 24x7 Technical Assistance
  • Professional, focused team oriented to service

Knowing a team of professionals is standing by your side helps your business operate more efficiently. We're here to show you that the difference is in the people and in the culture.

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"We are very pleased with the service that XACT provides for us and find the XACT staff and leadership to be very attentive and responsive to our needs.."

Annette Jeffes, Excelsior College



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XACT records all inbound voice calls processed by our agents; and add value for our customers by:
  • Allowing customers to access them through a web browser;
  • Recording all calls in a standard format: MP3;
  • Recording both the caller and agent;
  • Depositing those calls recordings in real time!

    The Resource Management team effectively manages agents who manage the mediums of contact processing. A dedicated team of individuals whose sole purpose is making sure each customer receives a timely answer, that agents adhere to attendance, and monitors break and lunch schedules while watching for call routing abnormalities.


    XACT Resource Management works in tandem with the schedule designers to ensure optimal schedule, resource and agent planning based on historical and predicted call traffic patterns. Since those schedules are made with the utmost in care, it is also the task of RM to ensure the parameters of those scheduling, such as arrival, break, lunch and departure times are adhered to.


    RM understands that all customer call traffic should route. Should something not look, act or feel correct, RM has a direct line to our Support and Development department which can correct any system, routing or agent glitches on the fly.

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