Our network is what enables us to receive and deliver calls through a vast network of technologies.

Our technology is only as good as the quality of the call delivery. XACT switching technology has provided 99.999% service uptime in 2008.

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"XACT continues to exceed our customer service needs on an ongoing basis."

Luis Pedraza, HighBeam Research



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We've designed our complete technological core to be fully redundant with hot spares:
  • Each facility is replicated in multiple geographic locations;
  • Every network link is fully redundant in each facility;
  • All servers and switches are mirrored on each network link;
    Bringing total reliability to our customers.

    A redundant service center is a data facility that handles call and system transactions. A network operations center acts as a monitoring and technology station. A network connectivity point is an access point into our network for customers and providers.

     Dallas, TX – Located in the heart of the Dallas technology district, our Dallas service center location provides us with reliable service in a desirable climate.
     Los Angeles, CA – Located at 1 Wilshire, our Los Angeles service center is in a hardened facility with most of the technology providers of Hollywood, LA and Southern California.
     Salt Lake City, UT – With its tempered climate, our SLC location offers stability and reliability in a friendly and beautiful setting. SLC also operates as a NOC.
     Orlando, FL – Located in Downtown Orlando, our facility offers centralized NOC control from the business hub of Central Florida.


    A Redundant Service Center contains core active and standby switching, routing and service equipment working together to generate our caller, agent and customer experiences. Each service cluster is mirrored locally and also mirrored to each Redundant Service Center to ensure data continuity. Our clusters of services are connected together to each site through an SS7 link to our core switches.

    Should a local hardware, software or provider failure occur, we can immediately swap that failure point to a hot standby ready to take over. In the instance of a potential Redundant Service Center failure, one of the other service center sites immediately begins handling the transactions.

    Every connection point that enters our networks, whether it is voice or data, it is actively monitored by security access and firewall appliances. Agent connections to our software and network are also secured using encryption. Customer connections to our reporting, call logging systems and CRMs are also encrypted. Our security also helps us remain fully compliant with HIPAA, FERPA and other agency compliances required in order to service the needs of our broad customer base.

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