XACT prides itself in its client training and certification programs specifically designed to train and certify agents in client content.

XACT utilizes modern technology to design, train and deliver content interactively to our agents, so there is no delay in information exchange..

What makes XACT so different from the other guys?

  • A dedicated Customer Account Manager
  • Customized, state of the art tools to service you and your customers
  • 24x7 Technical Assistance
  • Professional, focused team oriented to service

Knowing a team of professionals is standing by your side helps your business operate more efficiently. We're here to show you that the difference is in the people and in the culture.

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"We consider XACT to be one of our most valuable partners."

Dexter Henry, Directo, Inc.



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We pride ourselves in our agent training programs, specifically designed to:
  • Allow rapid content delivery to agents in real time;
  • Enables customer participation in documentation;
  • Provides a personalized client-to-agent experience;
  • Utilizes modern technology to faciliate easier learning methods.

    We believe training, certification, and knowledge reference are key to not only being successful with a campaign – but to maintaining a confident, skilled team of agents. We feel our ability to educate agents is one of our greatest strengths. We pride ourselves in the efficiency and proficiency of our team. Often, XACT takes on campaigns which other call centers turn away. We’re up for the challenge of handling complex topics and skills.


    XACT uses an interactive, web based content delivery system that allows Account Managers and customers to extensively manage and facilitate day-to-day information exchange. The content delivery system acts as a permanent "manual" that agents, trainers, team leaders and customers can access in real-time.

    Before our agents ever meet with their trainer, they are provided with a talking, moving orientation provided in a series of training videos. This gives our agents a head start and a base of knowledge before proceeding with a trainer on more complex topics.


    o Voice Instructions / Tutorial
    o Visual Demonstration
    o Series of quizzes throughout videos, ensuring retention of information
    o Table of Contents
    o Navigation Tools for easy reference of video material


    Before ever taking a call, your agents will be required to get 90% or better on a customized certification exam. This exam assesses the agent’s knowledge of the material they’ve learned – and is given to agents at the end of the training process. All results are sent to trainers so information can be reviewed directly with agents following the completion of the exam.

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