XACT can analyze the core communications of your business and create efficiencies to save you valuable time and money.

The XACT XRAY™ Diagnostic and Consultation process offers companies rapid means to assess the efficiency of their communications strategies, tools and techniques to explore opportunities for improvement.

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"We consider XACT to be one of our most valuable partners."

Dexter Henry, Directo, Inc.



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XACT offers its customers

many mediums in connecting your customers to us.

  • An XACT Business Development specialist can assist you with any questions you have via phone.

    Communications is the core of how we reach current and potential opportunities. Communications are the foundation of the way we function, both among staff and with customers, clients, patients or others external to your organization. Effective communications systems can help organizations enhance their ability to reach new goals, such as enhanced revenue growth, cost containment and increased employee productivity.


    XACT helps you to identify ways to improve or optimize your communications. Decades of experience have led the XACT management team to realize that most companies do not optimize their communications procedures and techniques. Given the pace of constant change in technology, simply understanding the vast number of tools and services available can be overwhelming. XACT will help by independently assessing the techniques and technology you currently use and recommend alternative solutions that will help you meet your goals. Our goal is to understand your challenges, identify possible opportunity for improvement, and help you understand the benefits of alternatives that can help you save time and money.


    What we do in our XRAY™ procedure. Our XRAY procedure is a quick, painless, and scientific process that generates a precise, detailed snapshot to support decision making processes.

    We start by working with senior management to determine who will participate in the XRAY process in helping us understand your organization.

    Then, we solicit the assistance of management in gathering reference information about your organization, including its current communication techniques and procedures. In cases where this information is not readily available, we will use our own specialists to determine this information.

    Finally, we will conduct interviews with professionals within your organization to understand their function within the organization and help identify efficiencies and solicit their ideas.


    Once we've gathered our information, the XACT Team will evaluate the information collected through the procedure and develop a report that will be presented to participating XRAY staff members. The report will include a full diagnosis of the current strategies, tools, and techniques, as well as a report on improvements we feel will be of value to you. We will offer a set of recommendations to address each opportunity and an analysis of potential costs and benefits associated with our recommendations.


    Once we have provided you with your XRAY™ report, your organization is free to use the information contained in the report in any way you choose. Should your organization desire to proceed with any or all of the recommendations contained in the XRAY™, upon request, XACT can provide additional assistance in service application development, product sourcing, and implementation. XACT is here to help you communicate!

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