XACT Help Desk and Call Support Services provide valuable assistance when it is needed.

XACT support services are specifically designed to provide assistance when it is needed. With XACT'S trained representatives, you can be assured answers are only a phone call, email, or an internet chat away.

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"They have provided us with a high level of support which we pride ourselves on having at GoldMail."

Samar Kawar, GoldMail.



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XACT offers its customers

many mediums in connecting your customers to us.


    XACT provides all the information your callers will need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're able to do so thanks to a rigorous, unparalleled and comprehensive training program that makes our call center agents just as knowledgeable as any employee of your company.

    Using sophisticated knowledge bases designed to tier your information appropriately, XACT specialists can assist your callers with common and uncommon questions. We provide assistance through multiple methods of support.

    Through frequently asked questions, sophisticated branching and search technologies, XACT becomes an important part of the fact-finding process, assisting in questions that commonly plague your valuable callers.


    XACT Help Desk and Call Support Services are available to callers in a variety of methods that allows the individual to select how they chose to receive assistance. Our highly trained staff is available by telephone (by dialing a toll-free, local or internal extension), by e-mail (common address; ie:, or through the Internet by text and/or voice based chat.


    Xact can also provide support for commonly used organization applications and/or support for browsers of your Internet web support. We can easily interface with your applications or software to provide support to your callers when the need arises.

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