Our most commonly preferred method of communication offers many choices for inbound call routing.

XACT pioneered the centralized "cloud in the sky" ACD methodology in 2001. Ever since, we've built upon that technology to add capacity, accessibility and redundantcy to ensure every call routed and answered effectively.

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"As we have grown, XACT has scaled their operations to support our expansion, and we owe part of our growth to their excellent reporting and quick response to issues."

Dexter Henry, Directo, Inc.

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Multiple carriers means better redundancy.

Our call processing begins with the right carriers. XACT uses multiple carriers to deliver its inbound call traffic. Having multiple carriers means that in the event of a carrier outage, our call traffic is automatically diverted to an available spare.

Growth capacity on-demand.

We have the ability to grow our capacity on-the-fly. Whether we need 100 or 1000 trunks, our carrier switched network is prepared.


    Our enhanced voice processing platform provides many options for call processing and control. The XACT automatic call distribution (ACD) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is built on a powerful Microsoft Windows Server technology infrastructure, using multiple servers and switches both in tandem and replication, to deliver a seamless, integrated solution.

    In each redundant cluster, almost 30 devices are used to provide a quality inbound call center experience to the caller, the agent and the customer. Since each device or server has a ready standby, that means 60 simultaneous servers and devices are ready at any moment to process a call in a particular Redundant Service Center.

    • Call Recordings. All call transactions between your customers and our agents are recorded using a certified digital call recording system. Those calls are then converted and stored on our call servicing platform in MP3 format. Customers may login using FTP or HTTPS and listen to call recordings as they happen. Those call recordings can then be stored, archived to a storage device or transferred to a customer’s FTP system after a particular time period.
    • Live Monitoring. Using our Supervisory tool, you can see and hear what is going on with callers in real time.
    • Skills Based Routing. Essentially, each line of business offered to your customers can route into our system into individual skillsets. Those skillsets allow us to dynamically assign calls to agents with the correct skillset based on training.
    • Web Based Reporting. All contact and agent metrics are available over the Internet using a secured login and password.
    • Web Based Configuration. All configuration changes can be made through our web based routing configuration tool.

    Caller experience options allow us to customize the feel, sound or options available to your customers when calling in.

    • Hold My Place™. While a caller is holding, if something important should come up that requires their attention, they can hold their place in line while waiting for an agent. They simply press any key while waiting. The system will ask them if they want to be called back when someone is immediate available or perhaps later in the day when time is more convenient. At the appropriate designated time, we’ll call them back and engage them in their questions.

    • Customized Experiences. We realize that in construction, time is of the essence – that’s why we can customize the experiences of your callers to match what’s happening. Should there be an increase in volume, our system can potentially be designed to handle that traffic a little bit differently. For instance, if there are 10 or more calls in the system, perhaps we immediately give them the option to be called back instead of asking them to hold; or give them advice on the best time to call us back for an immediate answer.

    • Announce Wait Times and Place in Line. Our system can announce the anticipated wait time time and their place in line, so they know precisely where they are.

    • Customized Hold Music and Messages. No one likes to wait on hold, but should the need arise, we can customize the hold music and messages your callers experience, tailored to the customer. Perhaps nice soothing hold music, messages to let them know their time is valuable, or answer some of the most popular questions in your hold messages. The hold experience can be further customized by offering Hold My Place™, adding their anticipated wait time or where they are in line for service.

    • Multilingual Service. Our IVR can be programmed to switch languages and service offerings

    The XACT switching network offers our customers many ways of delivering their calls to us.

    • Toll Free Number - XACT will provide you with a toll free number you may use to forward your calls to us.

    • Local Access Number - If you already have a toll free number, or just need a local presence in any one of 120 cities nationwide, we can provide you with that.

    • RESPORG - If you already have a toll free number and would like to utilize effective cost savings through our switching network, you may RESPORG transfer your number to us.

    • Dedicated Trunking - XACT can install a point-to-point PRI (Primary Rate ISDN Interface), T-1 or SIP Trunking between your switch and ours.

    • SIP Trunking - Already have an IP switch or an IP carrier? We can enable and configure SIP trunking between your switch(es) and ours.
  • In Action: Annette Jeffes, Excelsior College

    "Excelsior College has used XACT Telesolutions for approximately 2 years to supplement our call center capabilites. We are very pleased with the service that XACT provides for us and find the XACT staff and leadership to be very attentive and responsive to our needs."

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