XACT realizes that it is important that your calls be answered professionally and promptly.

XACT Receptionist Support Solutions offer your organization a way to cut costs, increase efficiency and improve your image.

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"We are very pleased with the service that XACT provides for us and find the XACT staff and leadership to be very attentive and responsive to our needs.."

Annette Jeffes, Excelsior College



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XACT offers its customers

many mediums in connecting your customers to us.


    Your receptionist or switchboard is the first point of contact for your organization. They help route, filter and direct your calls where they need to go. In many cases, your receptionist is the first impression left to your newest callers to your organization; and it’s important you set a lasting one.


    Our XACT contact center call agents give your callers a professional telephone experience and act as if they are a part of your company, seamlessly integrating your brand to your callers. This added value significantly increases the relationship you have with your callers and it doesn’t cost you the charge of a full time receptionist. You will only pay for the time we handle your calls, saving you money on a phone attendant who might have time to spare between answering the phone.

    XACT can also integrate directly with your systems to provide optional value added services to your phone users, such as: Voice Mail and Voice Messaging Services, Auto Attendant, Departmental Dialing, E-Mail by Telephone, E-Mail Notifications, Voicemail by E-Mail Fax and Fax-on-Demand Unified Messaging Solutions.


    XACT can help you route your calls using your current PBX system, integrating seamlessly. Through state-of-the-art technology, we connect with you directly, becoming a virtual extension. Direct integration is also two-way, allowing your users to access our technology, offering value added services as shown above.

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