When getting the message means more than just a voicemail or answering machine.

XACT pioneered the development of telephone answering solutions for business. It's important to provide a friendly, professional answer, even when you're not available.

To maintain a quality experience for you and your customers, we employ specifically designed teams and skillsets to help manage call flow.

These resources ensure every call and every customer receives the experience they deserve.

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"As we grew our business from a grass roots initiative to that of national scale, we required a contact center solution that could adapt and grow along with us."

Matt Grossman, Dorm Room Movers



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XACT offers its customers

many mediums in connecting your customers to us.


We've worked within specific industries providing Telephone Answering services, such as:

    Every telephone answering customer receives a personalized, local or nationwide toll-free number to route their calls to when they are not available. When we take your calls, we answer the line in your company name or your own personalized answer phrase. "Good morning, Thank you for calling the Stanley Company, this is Gretchen, may I help you?"

    You have the flexibility of sending us your inbound calls when you want. We can be your 24-hour answer, on-demand when you need us, after hours or overflow when all of your staff is busy.


    It's our job to get you the message, and we get it to you exactly how you want it. Messages can be delivered to you by phone, by facsimile, electronic mail, pager, PDA, cell phone or over the Internet. We work with you to help you determine how you want your messages. Messages can also be delivered different ways based upon subject or type of call.

    We're staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our professionally trained call center agents are always ready to provide your customers, clients or patients with a prompt, professional answer - every time.


    XACT can also provide advanced telephone answering services with your account, such as:

    Voicemail pre-announce and screening
    This allows your callers to leave you a confidential voice message or speak to an operator. This also allows you the flexibility of only having urgent calls reach an attendant. "Press 1 to leave a voicemail for sales, press 2 for customer service, press 0 to speak with an operator if your call is urgent."

    Customized auto-answer
    Should all attendants or operators be busy, a personalized message plays informing your callers that we'll be right with them. "Thank you for calling The Stanley Company, please hold, we'll be on the line to help you soon."

    Fax mailbox
    This allows fax and voice messages to be directed to the answering service.

    Automated options
    This allows you to check your messages, change your status, record greetings and announcements and much more over the telephone without speaking with an agent. many more options available!

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