Our most important asset is our valued customers.

You and your customers needs are our number one priority. Our focus for the last 35 years has been on quality, customer focused solutions that are tailored to your needs.

What makes XACT so different from the other guys?

  • A dedicated Customer Account Manager
  • Customized, state of the art tools to service you and your customers
  • 24x7 Technical Assistance
  • Professional, focused team oriented to service

Knowing a team of professionals is standing by your side helps your business operate more efficiently. We're here to show you that the difference is in the people and in the culture.

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Have additional questions?

For questions about your service with us, contact your dedicated Account Manager, or call our Customer Service and Care Hotline at 877.XACT.CSC or email us here.


Login to access all of your client tools!

All of our advanced tools are available at your fingertips. If you require login or technical assistance with a particular tool, please call our Support Center at 800.441.4350.

Client Call Center Support

Our client tools allow you to access four important areas, which are myXACT call center, customer workspace, client scheduler and recordings manager. All of these tools allow you to make better decisions in terms of customer care and helps you to stay organized. Let’s explore each of these beneficial tools:

  • The myXACT Call Center allows you access to your client information, call records and update important information through our interactive call management system.

  • The myXACT Customer Workspace organizes meetings, training information, post and read up to date planning on your account with our workspace tool.

  • The myXACT Client Scheduler allows you to manage your appointment, on-call or resource schedules from our web management tool.
  • The myXACT Recordings Manager allows you to listen to your calls in MP3 format from the comfort and convenient of your web browser.

All myXACT Customer Tools are secured with SSL for your data and security protection!

These four components are all important to inbound call center service efforts, because they allow you the client to be fully included in the process. Effective communication with our clients is paramount to us, which makes our company truly unique. We believe in transparency with our clients.

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