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The XACT Method

Welcome to XACT – a premiere provider of contact center services and next-generation telecommunications for organizations nationwide. With state-of-the-art technology and a hardworking team of globally-based customer service team members, we are wholly committed to giving our partners affordable and effective solutions to their woes.

It all starts from within. The customer-focused team within are proficient at providing our customers with personalized insight and direction – no matter the volume, seasonality or complications of your contact trends. XACT is prideful in consistently delivering significant process and procedural improvement in customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency. 

A core belief in relief. At our core is firmly held belief that our clients should never worry about being unable to handle important calls. As such, we have set up our contact center solutions to streamline the process by which our services are answered, managed, and ultimately resolved.

Thinking outside of the box. We believe breaking the molds of the traditional way of how things should be done and works tirelessly to find new ways to apply our tools and teams for more than just cookie-cutter customer support. We pride ourselves on our ability to prepare fully-customized contact center services and solutions for all sizes of organizations, from start-up to large-scale.

We grow with you. By building our own operations to accommodate the needs and demands of our clients, we have been able to stay ahead of the curve and effectively cement our place as a leading contact center solution for organizations across the country.

For streamlined call center service that ultimately reduces your operational costs while improving the quality of your business interactions, look no further than us.

Company Culture

XACT specialists love working for us and they truly enjoy what they do. The core principals of why are based on our company culture of teamwork. Our team atmosphere is one that is hardworking and diligent.

XACT was a forerunner in pioneering the work-from-home model in the early 2000s. We built the XACT@Home program from the ground up, and have continued to revise it over the years to better suits the needs of our team members and clients.

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