Technology and Infrastructure

Technology & Infrastructure

Modern Cloud

XACT is partnered with NICE CXOne to provide our contact center solutions toolkit in the cloud. As a proud partner since 2005, we’ve enjoyed a successful partnership that allows us to use emerging technologies in a powerful toolbox to enable us to transact business on the behalf of our customers.

XACT, through its technology team, AnswerX, is a NICE CXOne Certified Implementation Partner, proudly implementing NICE products and services for organizations worldwide.

Omnichannel Routing

Using intelligent omnichannel routing, we use digital channels to bring in customer interactions through  multiple channel types, such as voice, work item, email, SMS/text, social, chat, AI and automation.


We never want anything to get in the way, so we’ve made sure our systems are geographically redundant, with data center sites in Orlando and Boston and voice center sites in Orlando, Dallas and Los Angeles.

When issues happen at a particular site location, automatic processes happen to immediately hot transfer services to failover sites in the blink of an eye, ensuring service continuity.

In 2021, XACT has experienced 0% downtime on primary routing and technology systems.


The protection of data is paramount. XACT contact centers are PCI and HIPAA compliant facilities, employing physical access control, video and audio recording, device access protection and intrusion prevention and monitoring.

XACT data center facilities, where our technology and systems are housed are:

  • SSAE-18, SOC-2 and SOC-3 audited
  • Physical access controls, utilizing prox card, keycode and biometric access
  • HIPAA and HITECH audited
  • Redundant power and cooling systems
  • Generator backup with guaranteed refueling contracts in the event of an outage
  • Redundant connectivity to multiple top tier backbone providers


XACT contact center and data center facilities utilize redundant connections from top tiered providers in our geographic areas. 

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