Implementation and Onboarding

Implementation and Onboarding

The Process

The XACT implementation and success model for our clients and partners


Step 1

We’re going to take an active interest in whats working for our clients, whats not working and where you want to go with your customer support program. We’ll show you how we do things and ask you to do the same. Understanding your organizational model, business process and company goals helps us focus us for our next step. 


Step 3

Once we know why we’re here, where we’re going and how we might get that, its now time to put together the plan of action. All of our team departments will get together to decide the tools, the technology and the talent necessary to make the program successful.


Step 6

Now that we’r ready for launch, we’re going to test end to end together to make sure that you feel that we’re all collectively ready to launch your program through  practice contacts, quizzing, interactive learning and refinement.


Step 2

After listening, its now time for us to put our collective expertise to task and design a plan of action based on your challenges and overall needs. We’ll take into consideration your tools, your effort and your budget. 


Step 4

We’re really going to get to know each other as we begin to develop the content, apps and knowledge needed to make our expertise paramount. The core component of any program is understanding how our clients work, what their customers need and how to present it successfully.


Step 5

Now that we have it all together, its time to apply our methods to your team. Whether you’re using a dedicated workforce, a blended team or a hybrid, we’ll train knoweldge, content and applications in a setting effective for agent learning. 

The Launch of Your Program

Once we’re all in accord that its ready to go, we’ll set a date for the launch of your success program and utilize other tools and programs such as:

Ongoing Client Satisfaction

We’ll also continue to have alignment meetings, meet with you to discuss program success, optimization and goal coordination.

At XACT, your success is our success.

Technology & Infrastructure

XACT Learning Center

Quality Assurance

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