Workforce Management and Scheduling

Workforce Management and Scheduling

What is Workforce Management?

At its most basic, workforce management is the process we use to ensure that they have the right people and the right skill sets available to successfully handle your customer interactions in a timely manner.

You may hear us use a term term called “service-level” as the basis for your workforce scheduling. This is a goal we set together in establishing how quickly you want us respond to your phone calls, chats or emails. We base your service levels on desired service model and expectations for the customer experience.

Why is it important?

Workforce Management and Scheduling is important in providing outstanding and unparalleled service to our customers for many reasons, including:

How do we do it?

We use the basic building blocks of call center workforce management and scheduling, such as:

In short, workforce management and schedule is all about figuring out how to meet your needs and expectations without over- or under-burdening available resources.



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