Outbound Survey/Response

Survey and Response

Targeting your customers and providing them with timely responses will help improve the response of your marketing and customer contact campaigns.

XACT can enable your organization to be able to touch your customers in more effective ways than ever. Through the use of our technology platforms, we can use your customer lists to reach out and engineer campaigns to market, survey, respond and interact.

Using multiple touch points, such as phone, email and even SMS, we can ensure that we have the opportunity to work with them no matter they’re preferred method of communication.

Using outbound campaign management, you can enable your organization to reach your customers in new and exciting ways.


Phone Campaigns

We’ll use just the right modality in making sure we reach out by phone in the most effective way. By choosing the right method: predictive, proactive or preview dialing, we will enable to agents to reach your callers effectively. 

By applying dialing rules, effective dialing hours and even unique caller ID, we’ll raise answer rates and contact touch points.

Email Campaigns

As a branch of inbound email management, outbound email management is also a high effective way of reaching out to your customers to survey, market or engage, such as:

  • After contact surveys for satisfaction
  • Upsell and cross sell
  • Reminders of upcoming events and promotions
  • Follow ups on service or support tickets


Using SMS (text messaging) to reach out to your clients, you can engage them on a whole new medium. SMS offers you the ability to send them a message that lands in their fingertips quickly and can engage them instantly. 

  • Offer a quick link to chat for support or help
  • After contact surveys for satisfaction
  • Reminders of upcoming events and promotions
  • Updates on service or support tickets


Workforce Types

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