Telephone Answering Services

Telephone Answering Services

XACT pioneered the development of telephone answering solutions for business. It’s important to provide a friendly, professional answer, even when you’re not available.

It’s our job to get you the message, and we get it to you exactly how you want it. Messages can be delivered to you by phone, fax, email, SMS or through our customer portal. We work with you to help you determine when and how you want your information delivered. Messages can also be delivered different ways based upon subject or type of call.

We’re staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our professionally trained call center agents are always ready to provide your customers, clients or patients with a prompt, professional answer – every time.

Every telephone answering customer receives a personalized, local or nationwide toll-free number to route their calls to when they are not available. When we take your calls, we answer the line in your company name or your own personalized answer phrase.

You have the flexibility of sending us your calls when you want. We can be your 24-hour answer, on-demand when you need us, after hours or overflow when all of your staff is busy.

Supporting Your Business

With a cost-effective answering service plan with XACT, you get coverage 24×7. Our network of specifically-trained agents can professionally handle your interactions — and your callers will never get voicemail unless you want them to.

Our answering service solutions can provide a level of coverage and customer support that might ordinarily be out of reach for most small businesses trying to hire full time, in-house employees. 


Workforce Types

Building the Future of Your Support – Together

We can step right in and take care of your clients and customers the way you would! Our specialized teams focus on finance, property management, healthcare, tourism and industries just like yours.

Let us help you..

Hey, its what we do! Enable the talented team at XACT to help conceptualize, optimize and build your answering service program. Reach out to us today and let us get started.

In the meantime, learn how XACT has helped hundreds of organizations like yours meet the objectives necessary to provide excellent service; or if you’re ready to elevate your call answering to the next level, speak with an XACT advisor who can begin the process with you.

Ready to learn more about how XACT can help your organization with Telephone Answering Services?

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