Systems and Integrations

Systems and Integrations

Integrate With You

The XACT technology stack is built from the ground up with our customers in mind. Our integrations use data and information collected from our agents and our cloud contact center platform and automatically maps relevant data to your systems and services.

In addition, we have experience working with multiple CRMs, EHRs and ERPs in delivering our customer experiences — so we understand the nuances of your business and adapt quickly.

For not so out-of-the-box integrations, we also have API connectivity available to and from our systems.


Our systems are also integrated to work with the following platforms and providers

CRMs, EHRs and ERPs

We’re familiar with working within the following CRM, EHR, ERP or ticketing systems

APIs and Connectivity

In addition to using an integration, we can also connect our platforms together using an API. An API is code that allows two software programs to communicate with each other.

Constantly Evolving

Dont see your system or integration listed? Never fear. We’re constantly developing and evolving our knowledge of systems and integration points and adding new ones daily or creating ones for our customers.

Inquire with our Business Development team to learn more about custom development options or in-the-pipeline integrations we have up and coming!

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