When it comes to customer support, what do your clients want?

Customer Experience Concept, Happy Business Woman holding Card wCustomer service is a department that shouldn’t be undervalued or overlooked. The way you care for your customers can have a direct impact on your business. An unanswered question could result in a customer going elsewhere for business. An unaddressed concern could result in an angry customer who gives you a bad review online. However, a happy customer could lead to more consumer loyalty and greater customer growth. Those satisfied customers will be more likely to write positive reviews and spread their happy news with others. But what exactly are consumers looking for in a customer service department?

When customers have questions or concerns, they want answers quickly. They don’t want to waste time looking for contact information or waiting on hold. Things tend to move fast, attention spans tend to run short, and decisions can be made in an instant, so it’s important the customer service team delivers solutions fast. That means you need to have an omnichannel approach and offer 24/7 support.

Keep in mind that your audience will be made of people with different schedules and communication preferences. To target all of them, you need to deliver more than one option for customer support. Consider adding more support options other than just a phone number for them to reach out to. For example, chat and email support can go a long way. Also, consider the availability of your customer service representatives. Do you have off-hours or can customers reach out to you 24/7? The quicker you can deliver responses the better the customer-business relationship. Plus, many consumers have come to expect this type of availability.

Beyond just convenience and availability, you can’t underestimate the importance of being friendly and offering a listening ear. When customers reach out to a service department they expect to be greeted by someone who is friendly and willing to help, whether that’s over the phone or behind a computer screen. They want to know that they’re being heard and that their issue is being addressed by someone knowledgeable. Essentially, they want to know that the business cares about its consumers. This means the customer service rep needs to be patient with the consumer, listen to what they say without interruption, and help them the best they can. If the customer service rep is unable to assist, they need to transfer the call to the right person.

Overall, customers expect excellent service from a business they support. If they don’t receive that service they are likely to move on to another business. If you’d like help improving your customer service offerings, please reach out to us at XACT. We act as an organic extension of your customer support team.

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