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Ways to Improve Your Customer Support

7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Support


Improved customer support is an essential part of a business model and overall experience online. A company with exceptional customer support is always improving, so if you don’t know where to start you may fall behind.

Customer support is a way for companies to answer incoming questions from customers through email, phone, text, social media, and other avenues. If you want to answer questions, you need to have a strong and effective strategy in place to capitalize on your business model and product.

Here are seven legitimate ways to improve customer support.

1. Continue to Learn the Product

It seems simple, but it often goes overlooked. Customer support is supposed to have the answers customers are looking for.

If you’re relying heavily on the documentation you’ve been provided to answer questions without additional research, you’ll fall behind in customer care. Knowledge of a product gives you the ability to really understand the customer’s questions, but this takes effort and time.

2. Address Customers By Name

To create a personalized experience in customer support, use the customer’s first name if you know it. A friendly approach like this makes the interaction feel “more human”.

Using a person’s name makes the words you’re saying feel more personal and caring. Instead of another customer, they’re involved in a unique experience tailored to them.

3. Provide Efficient Customer Support

Free time is a luxury that most people don’t have.

One of the number one complaints from customers regarding customer support is long wait times. About 73 percent of adults that use online retailing say that a great customer support team values their time.

Make sure you’re taking this into account if the conversation is running over by thanking them for their patience.

4. Track and Manage Activity

A great way to prioritize customer support messages is by using software that sorts incoming tickets based on the issue.

This provides business services with the ability to sort through issues and provide easy answers. The software will sort tickets that take up a lot of time and distribute them across the team. These tickets can be picked up by someone that is experienced in that area or has extra time.

5. Turn Questions Into Sales

When you’re answering a question from a customer, one of the best ways to capitalize on the conversation is by recommending a product that fixes their problem.

This recommendation could lead to a sale and increased revenue for the business.

6. Use Negative Experiences

Every customer support conversation is not going to be a positive one.

Use this experience to develop your customer care process. What went wrong during the conversation? Were you able to fix the problem even with customer reluctance?

These are all opportunities to grow your role and provide better customer support the next time around.

7. Ask for Feedback

If you want to improve in the customer support space, you need to know how you did it.

Most of the time a customer won’t provide feedback, but you can use automated customer support feedback software to get more information. The program will send out a personalized feedback request that requires minimal effort. Once you’ve received the feedback, adjust your support and continue to improve by taking all these tips into account.

Use the XACT Method

If you’re looking for a way to improve customer support tactics, XACT can help.

As a premier provider of contact support and services, XACT boasts a hardworking telecommunications team that can improve customer satisfaction in your business.

If you’re looking to upgrade your customer care, take a look at our number of helpful services today!

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