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A Guide to Using SMS Campaigns to Communicate with Clients

Are you looking to build relationships with clients by leveraging the power of SMS campaigns? It’s a great idea considering that SMS is the preferred channel for customers to receive brand updates. 48% prefer to receive updates via SMS, whereas only 22% wish to receive updates via email.

With everyone using smartphones nowadays, businesses are more connected than ever. Taking advantage of the audience that can be reached through text messages has tremendous potential. However, it pays to understand how to optimize customer communication via SMS.

In this quick guide, we’ll walk you through some best practices for running profitable and effective SMS campaigns so that you can start engaging your customers today.

What Are SMS Campaigns?

SMS campaigns allow businesses to effectively engage customers with:

  • Time-sensitive offers
  • Exclusive updates
  • Important notifications

It’s not just about capitalizing on offers, though. SMS messaging enables companies to build stronger relationships with their target audience. This creates deeper customer loyalty and ultimately drives sales.

Ways to Communicate With SMS Messaging

There are numerous ways to communicate with your target audience these days. Business communication doesn’t have to be boring, though; SMS messaging can help you engage your customers like never before. Here are five quick ways to enhance customer communication with SMS campaigns.

1. Personalize Content

Never send generic SMS messages. For example, a personal message might address the customer by name and include tailored content that speaks to the customer’s preferences or recent behaviors. This helps establish trust and encourages customers to engage further with your business.

Personalization also takes less effort than standard campaigns. Messages are tailored based on customer information stored in your database making it easier for you to create content that appeals directly to them.

2. Communicate Value

The text messages you send should explain why the recipient should engage with your message and clearly communicate what they can gain from it. If your message fails to communicate value, the recipient is likely to be uninterested, or worse, delete it without reading it.

3. Be Considerate

Consider the frequency with which you’re sending messages. Also, be considerate of the time of year and time of day. For example, if your target audience consists mainly of parents of school-aged children, consider that they’re likely dropping their kids off at school in the morning. Sending messages at that time of day likely adds stress and discourages engagement.

4. Encourage Action

In SMS campaigns, a call to action is essential to maximize the impact of your message. For example, it may be signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, or simply visiting a webpage. Regardless of what you want your customers to do, giving them clear instructions to follow increases engagement and the likelihood of the success of your campaigns.

5. Respond to Messages

Want to enhance engagement with SMS options and improve your customer service? Respond to text messages. This helps customers feel like they’re talking to a real person instead of a bot. It also lets you gain valuable insight into your customers’ needs and issues. This can help you tailor your services and marketing messages to meet those needs.

Working with XACT

At XACT, support dispatch and service solutions are designed with your business in mind. Whether it’s a critical issue or a simple question, we have you covered. We offer support within seconds through phone calls, emails, or SMS campaigns, so your customers can get the support they need quickly and easily.

Utilizing our support dispatch solutions efficiently ensures that customers and clients have access to the support they need as quickly as possible. Get in touch and see for yourself!

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