An omnichannel customer service program

The girl is sitting at work in the call center.Have you ever had this experience? You have to phone your mobile phone company because you went over your data limit and want to upgrade your plan. After a brief discussion with a call center employee, you are interrupted by work and decide to pick it up another time.

Later that day, you have a few free minutes at your work computer. You choose to do a little more research on data options on your cell phone company’s website. As you are searching, the chat feature pops up, and you begin another conversation with another customer service agent who reviews the notes from your last interaction. He or she helps you upgrade your plan to add more data. Ahh…convenience!

The days of customer service issues being resolved exclusively over the phone are a remnant of the past. Customers want solutions fast. They want to communicate with companies in a way that’s convenient for them. They expect that whatever way they contact a business, a record of their previous interactions will be kept. And they expect the experience to be top-notch. That’s why you need to offer omnichannel customer service.

Omnichannel customer service unifies a customer’s experience. If you offer text, chat, email, and/or phone support and answer questions and comments from social channels promptly, that’s multi-channel. If you offer a number of options and more — including support agents who have access to all of their previous chat, email, social media, and phone call records and who work hard to engage the customer seamlessly to resolve any problems or concerns — that’s omnichannel.

Providing an integrated customer service system that offers your customers choices in how they communicate with you is critical in today’s world. It’s one component of offering high-quality customer service that helps attract and retain customers. The key with any omnichannel customer service effort is making sure that customer service inquiries are handled by cheerful, helpful and knowledgeable staff, however customers contact your company. Having the right people and providing them with the right technology and tools is critical. Training and investing in your customer service team has never been more important.

Now, more than ever, customer service — and choices in how customers can access it — is critical to customer retention and loyalty. Today’s consumers expect more from their customer service experience. If you don’t have the ability to deliver a top-notch omnichannel experience, partner with a company that can deliver it. Learn more about us on our website: