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Enhance your customer service offerings with XACT

Female customer support phone operator in headsetTo make your business a success and keep it that way, you need to invest in great customer support. Some customers and potential customers will have questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

If you want to keep your current customers and make new connections then you need to invest in the right customer service support.

Thankfully, at XACT, we offer several services that can help you keep customers satisfied. Our services address your customer service needs via phone, chat, email and internet support.

Customer Support Services

We can offer a contact center for your customers. Our support services enhance the communications profile of organizations worldwide through phone, SMS, email and chat.

Chat and Web Support

Do you need support for your site or brand? We can help make sure that all of your visitors and customers receive timely and professional service to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Service and Support Dispatch

Is time of the essence? You can offer your customers real-time, 24×7 support with XACT.

Telephone Answering Services

Do you want someone to receive your messages and make sure you get them promptly? We can do this. It’s our job to get you the message exactly how you want it through phone, SMS, email or portal 24×7.

Our customer service solutions can give your company a competitive edge. When customers know they can rely on you, they’ll be more likely to do business with you. We strive to deliver a seamless customer support and engagement experience for all of your customers through extensive training, branded implementation and ongoing support tools.

We invite you to learn more about what we have to offer by contacting us today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and provide a quote. We want to help your business succeed.

Do you know how your employees really feel about their jobs?

CEO owner leader company staff member portrait, possibly finance, accountant, managerGreat customer service starts with great employees. Will your best and brightest employees work as hard as they can and stick with you or will they leave at the next opportunity? Gallup research shows that the majority of U.S. workers have some level of dissatisfaction with their jobs.

Studies also show that employees rarely disclose their frustrations with work situations until they are well on their way to finding a new job. That’s why it’s imperative for managers to get an accurate read on how things are really going. But that’s easier said than done.

One way to gauge employee satisfaction is to meet one-on-one with each member of your team regularly. Ask them not only how they feel about their jobs but how your company — and you — can help them meet their goals. And don’t forget to provide regular feedback. Take a few minutes each week to provide positive feedback on recent accomplishments. Make sure if you’re providing negative feedback that you also provide some positive feedback as well in the same meeting.

Perhaps the best way of all to get honest feedback from your team is to make sure that each person feels that they can come to you with the good and the bad. Do you show irritation when employees approach you with problems or issues? Do you glance at your computer or phone while your employees are talking to you? Do you appear rushed when people come to talk to you? You may unknowingly be encouraging people to not be candid about how they feel and about what’s going on at work.

How well do you know your employees’ hopes, dreams and personal challenges? Do you know what’s going on in their lives? Their children’s names? Their hobbies and what they do on vacation? It’s amazing how much happier people feel when someone takes a genuine interest in them. Taking the time to listen to your employees, support them in their careers and genuinely get to know them can go a long way toward helping them be happier at work.

What to look for in a customer service center

smiling female helpline operator with headsetWe all know that great customer service is incredibly important for a business to succeed. If a person receives bad service they’re not likely to buy from you again and they could give you a bad online review.

Word of mouth spreads too – whether it’s a good or a bad experience. But who do you trust to represent your business? How do you determine the right company to handle your customer service needs?

First things first, you need to make sure you choose a company that offers the services you desire. There are a variety of services that customer service centers can provide. Find out all of the solutions that are available. Do they have text/SMS, web and telephone support for example? Do they have bilingual options? Does the company grow alongside you, scaling to your needs? Are they flexible in delivering what you require? Consider what services you may want to offer your customers and then make sure the company you decide to go with can provide the solutions you need.

Beyond that, you need to make sure the company aligns well with yours. Does their company culture fit yours well? Are they professional in how they work with you? Also, consider their experience. Do they have lots of experience with customer support? Read testimonials and ask for stats regarding their calls so you can see how many they’ve taken in the past and how long people are typically kept on hold. When you have a consultation with a company, see how their phone service is.

When you choose a customer service center to partner with, you want to make sure it’s one that you can trust to deliver superior service. Because at the end of the day, the point is to keep customers happy and coming back.

Does your company have a customer retention plan?

Headhunter in search of new employees. Human Resource Management. Staff recruitment. Attracting highly qualified top managers and narrow specialists. Active search for candidates. General recruitmentCompanies spend a great deal of time and money to attract new customers but many businesses don’t invest nearly enough time in figuring out why they lose customers. In reality, the cost of losing customers is high, in ways you might not have thought about before. Consider these implications:

Added costs. There are added costs in recruiting and adding new customers to make up for the customers that have been lost.

Reputation issues. In today’s world, people have a variety of ways to share their dissatisfaction … instantly. Research shows that customers are much more likely to share bad customer service experiences far and wide than good ones. Bad reviews/public criticism can make it difficult for a company to recruit new customers and even employees.

Lost revenue. When a customer leaves, companies lose not only ongoing revenue but any amount that customer refuses to pay before they depart. That either results in a write-off or added legal/collection costs.

That’s why a customer retention plan is so important. A key part of the plan should include measurement of ongoing customer satisfaction and outreach to customers to see how the company can serve them better. Every aspect of the customer experience should be examined, including the customer service support team. Long hold times, cranky or indifferent employees and unresolved problems can create a serious retention issue for any company. In terms of dissatisfied customers, a plan should be in place to quickly remedy the situation and make every effort to retain the customer.

Lastly, gaining insights from customers who have left the company is extremely important. Asking customers who leave your company why they left is a key way to identify issues. Over time, such information can help you identify problems in your organization that can be fixed to create a better customer experience.

Improve customer service offerings with web chat and SMS

Modern workplace woman using mobile phone in office.If you’re not already offering web and chat services, you may want to consider it. Nowadays, people keep busy. They often don’t have the time to sit on the phone. They want quick, fast turnarounds.

This is especially true with the younger generations. Millennials and Gen Z tend to rely more on sending messages than making phone calls. If you want to appeal to this demographic, then you really need to adopt these types of customer service technologies.

There are two main options we recommend offering to your clients to meet this demand: Web Chat and SMS.

Web Chat

Web Chat is a chat technology that is integrated directly with our skills-based routing omnichannel environment. It directs your requests to agents efficiently and effectively. We design the look and feel of the chat interface to match the colors and tone of your site or application. Once it’s complete you can paste the widget code directly into your web code and activate it easily. If you prefer to integrate your application in a different way, you can also use our powerful API set to redirect requests to our platform just the way you want.

The nice thing about Web Chat is that it’s readily available when your customers are browsing your site. This allows them to ask questions immediately when they’re thinking of them.


SMS and text is the fastest growing method of communication today. People love to text. Many opt to communicate this way instead of actually dialing a number. It’s no wonder why many prefer to reach out to customer service in the same fashion.

We can create a shortcode (6 digitals or less) or use your existing support number and enable SMS. This instantly allows your number to be both phone and SMS enabled. Offering text or call, your customer has both flexibility and choice. This allows you to appeal to a larger audience of customers.

If you’d like to learn more about these offerings or others we can provide, contact us. When it comes to customer service solutions, you can rely on XACT.