Are your employees in danger of burnout? Pay attention to these signs.

54848668 - tired man being overloaded at workWhen employees are overworked, it can hurt office morale. Employees are likely to feel unsatisfied in their job, and they may also be less productive if burnt out. This isn’t good for anyone! So, it’s important to know what signs to watch for to ensure your employees aren’t taking on more than they should.

Ask yourself these questions to assess your work culture.

1. Does your staff seem tired?

There are several reasons that employees could be tired. It could be completely unrelated to work. However, it’s important to look for various signs and see if they add up to work stress to avoid losing employees to burnout. Pay attention if your employees seem tired regularly and what their workload looks like. How many hours are they putting in? Are they taking breaks? This can help you determine if the exhaustion is work-related.

2. Are employees acting less engaged at work?

If employees are withdrawing and seem less interested in things overall, they may have reached the point of burnout. If you notice this, don’t make any assumptions. Instead, try to have an open conversation with your employee without asking any illegal questions. You could see how they’re feeling about their workload and if there is a way to make the workday go smoother for them. Are there things that would help them get excited about their job again? Let them know that if they’re feeling overworked, to confide in you so you can help spread out the work more fairly.

3. Do employees seem less productive?

This can be a sign that they’re taking on too much. They may be struggling to keep up with all of the plates they’re juggling because we all know that too much multitasking can often hurt productivity.

Overall, pay attention to how employees behave at work. Do they seem happy or disinterested? Do they work long hours on a daily basis? Do they ever take vacations? How is their overall performance when they’re at work? Do they seem stressed? These are all things you can ask yourself as you determine if any of your employees are either burned out or in danger of burning out.

If you find a potential problem at work, look for ways to ease the load for your employees. When employees are happier and have a healthier work-life balance, they’ll be more apt to get the job done well and in a timely fashion. They’re also more likely to be loyal to your company.

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