Custom-tailored solutions to fit your needs

39141362_MYour business has unique needs. A one-size-fits-all program is not what you’re looking for.

We know that outsourcing has its benefits. It allows you to free up your full-time staff, which leads to a more satisfied workforce who’s more likely to stick around. It can be beneficial for your budget since you don’t have to pay full-time workers for outsourced assignments. But it’s important to make the decision carefully.

You need an outsourcing company that can offer your business exactly what it requires, which means finding one that offers custom-tailored solutions. You need to partner with someone who doesn’t try to fit your company into a box. They need to be flexible and adaptable.

That’s where XACT comes in. We know every business has different needs. We work with organizations in various industries, including healthcare, education, commercial services and more. We can adjust our offerings to fit what you need and desire. We go beyond call answering services and offer email, chat, and web support. In addition, companies that require HIPPA or PCR compliance can trust XACT, since our contact center environments are compliant with both of these regulations.

At XACT, we have unlimited capacity across our virtual network. We offer extensive training to our partners and help businesses align their goals with their needs. We work with clients who have no documentation or processes and we help them set everything up. We can even help create manuals and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

When you partner with XACT, we become an organic extension of your customer support team. When you visit our website you can learn more about each of our offerings. Some of the services you can read more about include our Customer Help Desk, Chat and Web Support, Outbound/Survey Response, Service and Support Dispatch and Telephone Answering Services. We have a slew of offerings that you can choose from. And, if you’re not sure what you need, we can help you make the right decision

The bottom line is that XACT can provide you with a customized solution to fit your businesses’ needs. When you partner with us, our customer-focused team works for you. They provide personalized insight and direction – no matter the volume, seasonality, or complications that arise. We work hard to consistently deliver significant process and procedural improvements in customer satisfaction and overall operational efficiency. Please reach out to us to learn more by calling (877) 922-8877.