How to increase customer support efficiency

?????????????????????????????????????????????????Standard customer service departments can often be fraught with ongoing issues. Some of the common issues include:

  • A customer asking a question, and the agent not knowing the answer.
  • Customers trying desperately to get a hold of someone but not being able to because the agents are busy or the business is closed for the day.
  • Customers being put on hold for long periods of time or being transferred to wrong departments.
  • Customers having to repeat themselves because the agent doesn’t recall what was said prior.

All of these issues can lead to frustrated customers who may even take their business elsewhere.

Most of the time these issues don’t arise because the business doesn’t care, but rather because it’s hard to find enough support in-house to fulfill all of the customer requests. Many businesses also simply don’t have access to the technology that can increase customer service efficiency.

This is one of the ways outsourcing customer service to an experienced contact center can help the business (and the customers) — it increases efficiency.

When you choose XACT, you gain access to a pool of agents ready to represent your business with excellence. We implement quality assurance and training to ensure that each customer gets the best care. We have the ability to listen to agents who are on the call, without disturbing them in a one-way listening session to see how agents are performing. You can learn more about this and other methods we have available to us on our website.

Another way that we increase efficiency is by opening up the lines of communication, literally. We offer companies chat and web support, a customer help desk, telephone answering services and more. We can also serve your customers 24/7 making it easier for them to reach out to you.

One of the other things that we’d like to note about these offerings is that chat and web support allows agents to keep a better record of what the customer says. This can reduce the chance that a customer will have to repeat themselves since there will be a chat window that the agent can look back over. So, overall, this feature is a win-win for both parties.

Let’s not forget to mention that having access to a larger group of agents means that more people are available to respond to customers, meaning that it will be easier for customers to get a hold of someone. It can also mean shorter wait times for them.

Overall, you can see how outsourcing customer service solutions allows you to increase efficiency, which is good for the business and the customers. We hope you’ll think carefully about it and reach out to us when you’re ready to learn more.