3 Types of Telephone Answering Services

Six out of ten of us still prefer to pick up the phone when we need to speak to a business.

So, while embracing newer technology like chat might be an emerging strategy for your company, don’t ignore the power of a good old phone call.

Times have changed, so offering phone support doesn’t have to mean hiring an entire team to oversee your phones.

In this guide, we’ll explore three types of modern telephone answering services that can help make your business more streamlined and improve your customer service support.

1. Automated Telephone Answering Service With SMS

SMS has helped business customer service teams transform in recent years. It’s one of the most immediate methods for staying in touch with clients.

Automated answering services help businesses handle incoming customer calls by using pre-set options. When users go through these menu items, they can opt for SMS.

That option provides automated text messages to the customer’s cell phone, providing businesses with a range of ways they can support the customer.

For example, they could use SMS to answer frequently asked questions. Or it could be a message confirming an appointment, request, or purchase. This SMS integration helps reduce calls and speeds up resolutions.

It helps improve customs satisfaction and keeps your call center team working efficiently.

2. Email and Telephone Answering Integration

You can integrate email services with telephone answering software. When you do, it offers businesses an advanced tool for managing inquiries. It will sort and help you respond to customers and suppliers using email as your response.

Take the example of an incoming call you can’t answer immediately.

In this scenario, you can give the caller the option of getting assistance via email. It’s an excellent way to keep customers happy – avoiding the frustration of an unanswered call.

Email is also a helpful way of organizing your incoming inquiries and helping to make your business more efficient. You can use automation to scan common inquiries, providing standard pre-drafted responses.

It will also help flag up those queries that are urgent. That offers customers a more personalized experience and a faster way of resolving their queries.

3. Voice Response Systems

At the cutting edge of telephone technology is the emergence of voice. This technology offers natural language processing for callers.

In other words, it allows callers to talk about their issues or select menu options instead of using a button system. Voice technology offers more flexibility than rigid menu items.

It means you can customize the experience for your callers. That includes self-serve options, like finding answers to common questions. Some of the more advanced voice systems are also integrated with CRMs.

You can use this to find out who is calling, which will help direct their call to the appropriate place. If you miss a call from one of your most important clients, you can re-route this urgently using voice technology.

Telephone Answering Services for the Modern Business

Upgrading your telephone answering services can make your business more efficient. It’s also an excellent way to improve your customer service support.

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