4 tips to increase customer retention

Group of happy people giving thumbs-up, approving of an idea or showing customer satisfactionWe all know that keeping your current customers is more affordable than finding new ones. Just think about all the advertising dollars you have to spend to bring a few new faces through the door. And that’s not even considering the countless hours dedicated to marketing just to get their attention.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t put time and money into finding new customers, but it’s just as important to retain your current ones. Retaining your current customers can help your bottom line in more ways than one. When you have repeat customers who are loyal, you increase the likelihood they’ll recommend your business to others. But what can you do to increase those retention levels? There are several things to consider.

Loyalty programs and discount offerings

You can create a loyalty program to reward your current customers. For example, maybe they earn rewards the more they spend with you. Consider running promotions periodically or offering a promo code when you see they haven’t bought from you in a while. Many consumers are incentivized by discounts and freebies.

Provide them with excellent customer service

There are many aspects to offering amazing service. You need to be available when the customers are. You need to offer them more than one way to reach you. And, you need to provide them with friendly, timely, and helpful service when they reach out.

Use surveys to gain insight

Putting out surveys periodically and/or after customer outreach can help you find out what you’re doing right and what you could improve upon. But, don’t just read the feedback. Use it to improve your customer service offerings and business as a whole. Take your customers seriously and listen to what they are saying.

Only offer high-quality products and services

Sometimes the product or service really does sell itself. If you only offer high-quality, reliable products and services customers are more likely to keep coming back. Yes, you need to pair quality with amazing customer service, but a high-quality product or service really does have a competitive edge. Keep in mind, warranties are always appreciated.

These are just four ways to keep your customers coming back. In addition, encourage your customers to sign up for your e-newsletter and to follow you on social media. If you can stay in their inbox and news feeds, it will help them remember you and continue to shop with you.

If you’d like any help with surveys or customer service, please reach out to us at XACT. We can help you keep your customers happy!

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