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4 ways that customer support can impact customer acquisition

Picture showing pretty woman shopping online with credit card. woman holding credit card and using laptop. Online shopping conceptIt’s easy to see how customer service can affect customer retention. Businesses tend to build customer loyalty with great products/services and excellent customer support. Consumers want to buy from a company that they can trust to deliver excellence in what they offer, whether that’s what they’re selling or how they’re answering questions and providing solutions. But, how does customer support also impact acquisition? We’re going to talk about four of the main ways in this blog. Keep reading.

Positive reviews build creditability

When you offer excellence to your customers, they’re going to be more inclined to praise your business for it. This will allow you to get more positive reviews online. It also helps you reduce the negative reviews. And even if you do get an occasional negative review, if you have great customer service, they’ll know how to respond to those reviews so that you might be able to resolve the issue while also making the business look better online.

When a prospective customer is considering buying from your business, they will often look at the reviews you have. This can be a determining factor in whether or not they want to purchase from you.

Availability reduces abandoned shopping carts

Abandoned shopping carts can be a problem for many companies. One of the reasons that carts can get abandoned is because customers have questions about a product, shipping service, the return policy or something else; however, they can’t easily find answers. If a prospective customer is able to quickly find answers either through a FAQ page on the website or by reaching out to you, it can reduce abandoned shopping carts and help a business acquire new customers. A great way to offer this type of fast and convenient service is through web chat support.

Word-of-mouth advertising creates more sales

Customers who love your product or service and the support you offer will be more likely to refer their friends and family to you. They may talk about it on their socials, text their loved ones or just mention your business in conversation. And it’s all free advertising!

A better reputation builds loyalty

When you offer excellent support, your business builds a better reputation. A business with a better reputation has a higher trust rating and becomes more well known. Prospective customers will be more inclined to take their business to you.

You can easily see how offering great customer support can impact how easy it is for you to acquire new customers. It allows you to build yourself better reviews online, reduce abandoned carts, get free advertising and build a better reputation overall.

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