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5 benefits of offering webchat and text support

Smiling young asian businesswoman using computer working onlineWe’re living in a fast-paced world. People are busy. They’re going from one thing to the next. They have to-do lists to check off. They have home and work obligations. Many are also trying to fit in time for their hobbies. Things can become so busy, that people barely have time to pick up the phone and make a call. Phone calls take time that many people just don’t have available. Thankfully, webchat and text support can be incredibly attractive to these busy people. There are actually many reasons to offer these types of solutions as we’ll talk more about in this blog.

1.) It’s super convenient

Not everyone has much wiggle room when it comes to time. That’s why so many blogs are written about productivity and time management. People are looking for more hours in the day. You can make life a little easier for them by offering web chat and text support. That’s because they can do it from their phone or while they’re working at their computer. They can even multitask while they’re chatting with support. This is the type of convenience many customers desire.

2.) It reaches millennials and members of Gen Z

These demographics are more attuned to using webchat and text support. Many of them don’t even use the phone to call their friends (preferring to send messages on social media or via text, instead). Since these groups don’t even call the people they know, they’re much less likely to call your business with a question or concern.

3.) It gives you more options and availability for support

You have a lot of consumers to reach. When you only offer one solution for customer support you narrow your field. Instead, offer multichannel support to allow your company to build relationships with more customers.

4.) It helps you stay competitive

Customers want to work with a company that meets their needs. They want to know that they can reach out to the business if they have any questions or run into problems. When you offer these types of solutions you give yourself a more competitive edge.

5.) It prevents the customer from having to repeat themselves.

When you use webchat and text support, everything said by the customer is in written form and readily available. This allows the representative to look through the chat if they have questions or want to refresh their memory. They can even look over any history of support provided. Many webchats also start with a quick form that helps identify what the problem is ahead of time so that representatives can be ready to assist, and to ensure that the customer gets sent to the right agent.

These are just a few of the many reasons to offer webchat and text support. Are you ready to make it happen? Reach out to us today! (877) 922-8877.

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