5 ways XACT can help your business grow

smiling woman with laptop and growth chartSome businesses can halt their growth by trying to do everything internally. While it may seem like it’s better for businesses to keep everything in-house, the opposite can be true.

When you try to keep everything internally, it can overload the current staff members, cost the business more money and stunt growth. But, when you outsource certain tasks, you can free up more employees to handle essential responsibilities.

It also allows you to accomplish more of your goals and meet the growing customer demand. On top of all of this, it helps increase customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can result in higher customer retention as well as acquisition.

At XACT, we know this to be true, which is why we offer several services that can help you expand. Here are five ways we can help your business grow:

Customer Help Desk

We offer a multi-channel help desk solution for organizations looking to provide top-tier service and support. Our specialists can assist your callers with common and uncommon questions. We’re available to assist with multiple methods of support.

Chat and Web Support

When your customers are online and need assistance, it’s paramount that your customer support solution offers easy, innovative and flexible ways of supporting your product or service. That’s why we offer assistance at the click of the mouse or a screen tap. Our technology, as well as our expertise, can integrate that seamlessly into your application, website or communication solution.

Our chat technology, integrated directly with our skill-based routing omnichannel environment, directs your requests to agents efficiently and effectively. We design the look and feel of the chat interface to match the colors and tone of your site or application.

Short message service (SMS) is easily the fastest growing method of communication today. We can provide a short code (6 digits or less) or use your existing support number and enable SMS, instantly allowing your number to be both phone and SMS enabled. By offering text or call, your customer has both flexibility and choice.

Outbound Survey/Response

We can help your organization reach customers in more effective ways than ever. Using our tools and technology, we can engineer campaigns to market, survey, respond and interact.

Service and Support Dispatch

Our Service and Support Dispatch solutions are designed to get time-sensitive, critical information out to your teams quickly, assuring support is only a phone call, email, SMS or chat away.

Telephone Answering Services

Our answering service solutions can provide coverage and customer support that might ordinarily be out of reach for most small businesses trying to hire full-time, in-house employees. With XACT, you can provide customers with friendly, professional answers even when you’re not available. You can also rely on us to get the message exactly how you want it (by phone, fax, email, SMS or through our customer portal).

Learn more about all of the services we have to offer by reaching out to us at 877.XACT-877. We’d love to discuss your unique needs and how our solutions can help your business grow.