6 Perks of offering live chat support

African-american woman working on laptop computer at homeWe’ve come a long way in customer service technology. With all the available options nowadays, your company can’t just rely on telephone customer service options.

Customers expect more from companies like email, text support and/or web chat.

Here’s how to offer chat support and the many benefits it offers:

1. It helps reduce the risk of losing sales. Think about this carefully. When people are shopping online and eyeing up a product or service but have questions, what do you think their next move will be?

If they see an option to chat with a live agent, they may choose to ask the question or address the concern with the agent to determine better if they want to check out or not. However, if chat support isn’t an option, they could decide to risk it and check out or, more likely, abandon the cart. You can reduce the chance of that missed sale by offering chat support.

2. It helps you stay more competitive. You’ll have the edge here if your competitors don’t offer great service or many options for reaching out to them. They’ll have the edge if your competitors offer more service technologies. So, either way, it keeps you competitive by offering chat support.

3. It lowers the chance of customers having to repeat themselves to the agents. It can be incredibly frustrating when you tell an agent something and then have to repeat yourself later. However, with chat support, agents can read what the person said previously, so they don’t have to ask the customer if they have a question.

4. It allows more customers to be helped at one time. With chat support, agents can help more than one customer at a time. This reduces wait time for customers and increases productivity on the agent’s end.

5. It provides service whenever it’s needed. Offering chat support is an easy way to provide 24/7 availability, which means customers will get the help they need whenever they need it.

6. It improves customer satisfaction. Overall, customers are more likely to be happy with your company and your customer support if you offer the option to chat. People love convenience, and live chat offers it.

As you can see, offering live chat support is a win-win. It can help the company meet (and even exceed) the expectations of its customers. It also helps the business stay competitive and increase sales.

Please contact us at XACT when you’re ready to offer chat support or any other customer service technology. We’re here for you.

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