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A secret that can help support company growth

Business colleagues in conference roomA company can do so many key things to help them grow and expand. They can network, be active on social media and market in various ways to help build their brand. They can form strategic partnerships with other businesses and influencers. They can franchise their company to help it expand to more locations. Businesses can also offer more products and services. In addition, they can focus on building stronger customer retention. And these are just a few things companies can do to help them continue to move up the ladder and see greater success.

But that’s not exactly what we came to tell you. The secret that we want to share is how outsourcing can help support your business’s growth.

Not only can outsourcing your customer service department increase customer retention (more on that later) but they can also help free up time for your employees to focus on creative thinking/innovation and fulfilling their day-to-day responsibilities. This allows employees to put more time into the business where it’s needed most, while still providing the support customers desire and need! This can both increase employee and customer retention while supporting growth.

Why can outsourcing increase customer retention? The right outsourcing partner will offer your customers great service. They’ll be available to them 24/7 and offer various avenues for which they can reach out. They’ll provide trained, friendly and knowledgeable agents ready to come to the aid of customers. Some of these companies also offer help with customer loyalty programs and can even manage surveys. Customer loyalty programs are great for building retention, and surveys can provide essential information for assessing how you’re doing as a company and how happy your customers are.

Outsourcing also supports growth by providing the workforce your business needs. It allows smaller businesses to compete with larger ones because they have access to more trained people to handle the tasks needed to continue to expand.

One more thing we’d like to mention, outsourcing can also help reduce internal costs. Partnering with an outsourcing company is typically more affordable than hiring full-time staff or paying lots of hours of overtime to handle all of the responsibilities. Think about the health insurance, utilities, supplies, wages, etc. that you won’t have to pay!

Overall, outsourcing really is a great way to support your company’s growth! There are so many ways it allows businesses to continue to move toward greater success.

If you’d like to learn more about outsourcing and are looking for a trusted partner, reach out to us at XACT. We’re here for you.

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