An inside look at our implementation and onboarding process

Finding the right outsourcing partner is essential to business functions. so we understand if you’re taking your time making this decision. First, however, you need to ensure that your partner is flexible, communicates effectively, takes security seriously, and represents your brand with integrity.

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You’ll find all of this and more at XACT. However, if you’re still unsure, we’d like to take the fear out of things by explaining our process during implementation and onboarding to you.

Essentially, there are six steps before we officially launch your program:

1. Listen. This is the step where we learn all about your company. We find out what’s working and what’s not working. We also discuss where you want to go with your customer support program. We’ll show you how we do things, but we’ll also ask how you operate. We need to understand your organizational model, business process, and company goals before moving to step two.

2. Develop. This is the step where we take what we learned and design a plan of action. This will be based on your challenges and overall needs. We’ll also take into consideration your tools, effort and budget.

3. Design. Next is when we pull together the plan of action. Our team departments work together to decide on the tools, technology, and talent necessary to make the program successful.

4. Create. In this stage, we’ll get to know each other even further as we develop the content, apps and knowledge needed to make our expertise paramount. The core component of any program is understanding how our clients work, what their customers need and how to present it successfully.

5. Train. Once it’s all together, it’s time to apply our methods to your team. Whether you’re using a dedicated workforce, a blended team or a hybrid, we’ll train knowledge, content and applications in a setting effective for agent learning.

6. Test. Now that we’re ready to launch, we’re going to test end to end together to make sure that you feel we’re all collectively ready to launch your program through practice contacts, quizzing, interactive learning and refinement.

After going through all of these steps, we can officially launch your program. We’ll set a date for the launch and utilize tools and programs to ensure smooth everything runs. You can count on us for quality assurance and appropriate scheduling to ensure agents are available. We’ll also have a team of specialists constantly watching contacts in our system so that nothing ever gets missed. And, you’ll always have a point of contact you can reach to discuss issues and provide feedback.

Our thorough onboarding approach shows that we take time to get to know your company in and out. We work hard to make sure that we’re meeting the needs of our clients (and their customers). Your ongoing satisfaction is important to us, so we’ll continue to have alignment meetings, and meeting with you to discuss program success, optimization and goal coordination. At XACT, your success is our success.

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