Customer service is vital to your company’s success

At Your ServiceHow often do you think about what’s most important to your customers? Sure, you have finely-tuned marketing plans and you set goals each quarter, but how much energy is spent solely honing your customer service skills?

It turns out it’s just about the most vital component to a business’s success.

Look at it like this: what matters to your customers must matter to you. Your customers aren’t going to come to you for service they can receive somewhere down the road. You need to stand out and make your customers feel valued and appreciated. One proven way to do that? Elevating the customer experience.

Here are some eye-opening statistics underscoring the importance of the customer experience.

  • Research from global professional accounting services firm, PwC, shows 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a product if they receive excellent customer service.
  • A report from Segment, a customer data platform, shows 71% of consumers express frustration when they receive impersonal customer service. The report goes on to state that 49% of customers have made impulse purchases after receiving personalized customer service.
  • American Express research shows that 90% of customers report customer service is the deciding factor when choosing to do business with a company. This survey found that 49% of customers have switched companies due to poor customer service.
  • According to HubSpot research, 93% of customers remain loyal to a company that offers excellence in customer service.
  • New Voice Media reports $62 billion is lost by U.S. businesses each year because of poor customer service.

These statistics are startling to many, but they help reiterate just how important the customer service experience is in keeping your customers happy, satisfied and more likely to do business with your company again and again. You know customer service is important – that is a no-brainer. However, you may find your resources strained and your company is unable to deliver great customer service. A perfect solution for your company would be to outsource certain functions to make sure you’re delivering the type of customer service that your customers want and need. Want to learn more? Visit us on our website:

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