How to improve customer satisfaction with excellent service

41808473 - conceptual image of a man changing his mood from bad to goodKeeping customers happy is the name of the game. When customers are satisfied it’s good for your business. So, let’s talk about how you can keep consumers smiling through customer support.

When customers have a question or concern, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to get a hold of someone. Providing them with multiple avenues helps keep customers happy. It allows your customers the option to choose which avenue is most convenient for them, whether it be by email, text, chat support or phone.

Customers don’t want to wait for long periods of time, either. When a customer is put on hold for too long, their frustration levels grow. So, do what you can to reduce hold times. An additional feature that can help is offering customer callbacks. For example, if a customer calls and no agents are available, they can leave a message and you can respond at a time that’s more convenient. It frees up time for the customer and reduces wait time frustration.

When talking to a customer in person or on the phone, smile to encourage customer happiness. You’ve probably noticed this before –– people can hear if you’re smiling. Also, regardless of what channel you’re communicating to customers through, be sure you use positive language. Negativity has no place in customer service.

Pay close attention to your customers when communicating with them. Just providing a listening ear without interruptions can go far. Make sure to ask questions during the call and take notes. This will show that you’re actively listening. It’s also a good idea to say the customer’s name while speaking with them. It shows you don’t view them as just another customer but as an individual. It also notifies them that you’re listening intently.

Always communicate with customers about what can be expected. Let them know exactly what is going to happen next. Give them specifics. And, always come through on what has been promised. When assisting customers it’s essential to do your best to keep them satisfied, because a happy customer is more likely to be a loyal one. And, they’ll be more inclined to give your business rave reviews. If you’d like help offering your customers more solutions, reach out to us at XACT. We’re in the business of keeping customers smiling.

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