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How to keep a positive mindset while working with customers

Happy customer approving product or serviceIn customer service, you never know what type of conversation you’re going to have. You may be greeted by friendly, understanding customers or by ones who are outright angry. Those friendly customers, of course, make your job as a service agent easier, but the ones who call heated can make it a challenge for you. The thing is, it’s the customer service agent’s job to keep the customer satisfied, which means helping those who are upset. But, how do you keep a positive mindset while dealing with these calls?

Try to start your morning off happy. When you wake up, put on some music that gets you ready for your day. Choose something that will make you feel motivated, energized and uplifted. Maybe do some stretches first thing too, to help you feel less tense going into work. And, don’t forget to start off with a good, healthy breakfast. One that contains protein and complex carbohydrates is a good choice. Getting a good night’s sleep the night before can also help you start the day with a better mindset.

When you take good care of yourself, your mental clarity and mood will be in their best state. This can help you tackle your day and maintain a more positive attitude when talking with customers.

There are times when you may feel negative thoughts creeping in. In these moments, try to focus on something positive. Put up inspirational quotes by your desk, trinkets that make you smile, and pictures of your loved ones. Find something to focus on.

When a customer does go on a tirade, try not to take it personally. Take a deep breath, and work to address the issue at hand. Remember that if you keep a calm and collected tone, you’re more likely to appease and even win over those customers.

When you’re able to keep a positive mindset, you’re able to assist customers better and keep them happy. For example, it’s important to use positive language with your customers. This means not telling them, “no, we can’t do that,” but instead saying something like “We’re sorry that happened to you. Here’s what we can offer…” Think about ways you can change your answers to have a positive connotation every time. This is much easier to do when you keep an upbeat attitude. This mindset will also help you keep your cool when a customer calls in upset.

We know it can be a challenge at times to stay positive but work on starting your day off right and refocusing on something positive during those challenging times. You’ll feel better and your customers will be more satisfied.

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