Improve customer service offerings with web chat and SMS

Modern workplace woman using mobile phone in office.If you’re not already offering web and chat services, you may want to consider it. Nowadays, people keep busy. They often don’t have the time to sit on the phone. They want quick, fast turnarounds.

This is especially true with the younger generations. Millennials and Gen Z tend to rely more on sending messages than making phone calls. If you want to appeal to this demographic, then you really need to adopt these types of customer service technologies.

There are two main options we recommend offering to your clients to meet this demand: Web Chat and SMS.

Web Chat

Web Chat is a chat technology that is integrated directly with our skills-based routing omnichannel environment. It directs your requests to agents efficiently and effectively. We design the look and feel of the chat interface to match the colors and tone of your site or application. Once it’s complete you can paste the widget code directly into your web code and activate it easily. If you prefer to integrate your application in a different way, you can also use our powerful API set to redirect requests to our platform just the way you want.

The nice thing about Web Chat is that it’s readily available when your customers are browsing your site. This allows them to ask questions immediately when they’re thinking of them.


SMS and text is the fastest growing method of communication today. People love to text. Many opt to communicate this way instead of actually dialing a number. It’s no wonder why many prefer to reach out to customer service in the same fashion.

We can create a shortcode (6 digitals or less) or use your existing support number and enable SMS. This instantly allows your number to be both phone and SMS enabled. Offering text or call, your customer has both flexibility and choice. This allows you to appeal to a larger audience of customers.

If you’d like to learn more about these offerings or others we can provide, contact us. When it comes to customer service solutions, you can rely on XACT.

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