Is it time to outsource customer service solutions? Here are the signs to look for.

51813432_MHave you been debating whether you should outsource your customer service solutions or not? A few signs can help you identify if it’s become a necessity. We recommend considering these five points as you decide if it’s time for your business to outsource.

1. Your team is overworked. If your team is regularly putting in long hours, they probably have too much on their plate. Some of your employees’ tasks could potentially be shifted over to an outsourcing company. Take time to consider this and what you might be able to take off your employees’ workload.

2. There’s a backlog of customer outreach. You may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day or employees to handle all of the customer outreach you receive. If you’re starting to get a backlog, this could hurt customer satisfaction, hindering your business sales and growth.

3. Your customers are leaving bad reviews about your service. When customers are left unsatisfied, they’re likely to leave bad reviews. If you’re seeing multiple bad reviews about the service you offer, you know that your customer service department is not doing everything it could be.

4. You’re looking for cost-saving solutions. It can get very expensive to hire enough staff to handle all customer outreach. And, if hourly employees are working overtime just to catch up, this can also get costly. Not only do you have to pay their wages, but the utilities on your office space, their work supplies, benefits, etc. By outsourcing, you can save significantly.

5. You have a high employee or customer turnover rate. If employees and/or customers are leaving you often, you need to ask yourself why. Believe it or not, having your customer service solutions in-house could be the reason. If employees are overworked and unable to focus more time on their core responsibilities, they’re more likely to seek employment elsewhere. And customers who aren’t receiving great customer service will also be likely to go somewhere else for their needs.

Overall, outsourcing customer service solutions can offer a company a lot of perks. If you’ve reached the point of any of these statements above, outsourcing has become necessary. However, if you haven’t reached this point but want to continue to grow as a company, we recommend looking into outsourcing now. This can help you stay on the path to success. Contact us at XACT today to learn more: (877) 922-8877.

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