Keeping your remote team engaged

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????Remote work was gaining momentum before 2020 hit. Now, it’s been fast-tracked. Many companies were faced with the need to allow for remote work during the pandemic.

What some companies may not have realized was all the perks associated with remote work, including cheaper utilities and not having to order as many office supplies.

However, one of the concerns many managers faced is keeping their team engaged. The good news is, a remote team can be engaged and even more productive.

Invest in tech

Thanks to technological advances, there are plenty of ways to easily engage with a remote team. You can easily use online platforms like Zoom or MS Teams to host meetings virtually. You can connect on chat platforms and stay in touch via email. You can have online work boards that everyone can access to create assignments and stay on task. And, of course, there’s always the phone. No matter which way you intend to stay connected with your remote team, it’s important to establish some form of consistent communication.

Stay connected

Beyond staying in contact, it’s equally important to continue to show how much you care about your team, even when they work remotely. You can send thank you notes, host virtual office parties, or provide opportunities for your remote workforce to advance. When the timing is right, you can even arrange for occasional in-person gatherings to bring the team together.

Create a policy

Companies with a remote workforce can create policies regarding their remote employees. This allows you to be clear with your remote workforce about what is expected. A policy is just one way to ensure that businesses and remote workers have the same understanding.

With the right policies, communication tactics, and technological advances a remote workforce can offer your business many perks. Working proficiently and staying connected on a remote team is now easier than ever.

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