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One key to excellent customer service

Conceptual hand writing showing Customer Service Skills. Business photo text Aptitude to master to improve dealings with client Colored clothespin papers empty reminder blue floor officepin.Empathy is a key element of great customer service. When customers call in with a question or concern they want to feel like the service rep will listen to what they have to say and try to resolve the issue. They want to feel like they’re seen. Being empathetic to the customer can do this and even help turn tense conversations around.

When working with a customer, it’s important to choose words carefully. Customer service reps should allow the customer to finish talking before they interrupt. Don’t rush the customer or make assumptions. Carefully listen to them as they express their needs.

Pay attention to what they’re saying and how they’re saying it. Use this information to help you determine the best way to handle the situation. When they’re done expressing themselves, make sure that they know you heard them. You can say something like, “I understand…. or “let’s see how we can correct this issue.”

It’s important that customers feel like you respect them and want to do what’s best for them. Even if you may not agree with what they’re saying, you need to show them that you respect their feelings and want to do what you can to help resolve the issue. Empathy allows you to show more patience with customers, even when they’re irate.

When a customer comes off strongly, it’s important to consider that there may be other reasons that they’re in a bad mood. They may have had something bad happen that day or didn’t get enough sleep. They may also have had bad customer support with another company so they put up their guard before calling into your customer support. Practicing empathy helps you see outside your personal feelings and understand where someone else is coming from. That’s why it’s an ideal trait for customer service reps to have.

Empathy may not be a trait that everyone possesses instinctively, but it is one that can be learned and practiced. To be an empathetic customer service rep, you need to be cognizant of your client’s feelings. Focus on listening intently and show them that you want to help. By following these tips, you can ensure each and every client has a positive customer service experience.

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